Friday, November 10, 2006

What's For Breakfast?

Slightly random, I know, but the sale of the Ohio (I don't know what the new owner has planned) has me thinking about diners. So when I stumbled (I've seen this before, but it struck me as appropriate today) across Victorian Secret's Lost Diners of DC while searching for info on the Uline Arena I couldn't resist posting it. What a shame these places are gone. But since they are (and since I think the Ohio is still probably shut down for mourning), I thought I'd make a few recommendations for places places in the 'hood where you can qwell the hunger for diner style eats.
If you get the craving you can always hit up Tony's Carryout (corner of 14th & H Street).

Tony's serves it up like a real greasy spoon, but the place is standing room only (and that's standing while you're waiting for your order).

On the other end of the neighborhood is the DC Farmer's Market (part of the Florida Market). I've seen some tasty looking breakfasts from there that could clog your arteries as surely as the chorizo/eggs/grits/toast spread pictured above. Of course, you could always grab your grub from one of the many carryouts spread around the rest of the Market (sorry, no review on those). Then there is my personal favorite...the New K. Young's, which mostly serves Korean and American food, but also offers a few Salvadorean items. The menu is good , and they've got plenty of seating.


Chris Metzler said...

Hours on any of these?

inked said...

I don't have exact hours. Tony's and Young's are both closed Sundays. Many of the place in the Florida Market will be closed on Sundays as well, but you'll be able to find something open in the DC Farmer's Market. Young's open very early (they just changed the hours, but they open early, maybe 5am, and close early, maybe 3pm). Tony's and Young's are open 6 days a week (I think, both are definitely open on Saturdays).

Anonymous said...

Some hours here...


inked said...

Thanks for the link Thom, these are good for the general market, but I think the hours for Young's changed when they changed ownership (I think it might close at 3pm now).