Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Guardian Angels Come to Carver Terrace

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5B, Single Member District 5B10

JANUARY 8, 2007 PHONE: (202) 397-2777
(202) 489-7100 (c)

Northeast Community Finds New Allies in Fight Against Crime

(Washington DC) –Citizens in the Carver Terrace community, located in Ward 5 are waging an intense battle to permanently reclaim their neighborhood from criminals and senseless violence. A barrage of bullets disrupted neighborhood tranquility on January 7, 2007, leaving one victim shot and neighbors pensive but determined to reclaim the peace. This area also recently endured two quadruple shootings and three homicides.

Neighbors are worried about the recent resurgence of violence, yet are determined to restore peace and tranquility to this community. Commissioner India Henderson and former Commissioner Kathy Henderson have organized a community walk with citizens, police officials and the Guardian Angels to demonstrate solidarity against violence and crime. Newly elected Mayor Adrian Fenty and Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. are invited to lock arms with citizens in the walk for peace.

The Guardian Angels have worked with communities throughout the United States and abroad to help citizens take back their neighborhoods from criminals. The community walk will convene on January 10, 2007, at 6:30 p.m. at the corner of 19th Street and Maryland Avenue, NE.

“Every community has the right to be safe and we want to help citizens report crime and protect their homes” says John Ayala, spokesperson for the DC Chapter of the Guardian Angels. Citizens in the Carver Terrace community eagerly embraced their newest allies by voting unanimously at a recent community meeting to work with the Guardian Angels.

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H ST East said...

I heard about this yesterday. I think it's a great idea since having people walk around keeping an eye on things is exactly what the area needs. Hopefully, cops walking the street will supplement the Guardian Angels although it wasn't made clear whether the Angels will be doing regular walks through Carver Terrace, or are just doin the walk this one time. As always, hoping for the best...