Sunday, April 27, 2008

WP: Police Step Up Patrols

The other side of the Joseph Cole Recreation Center, which though inviting to children, adults, and dogs alike during the day, often becomes a haven for less savory activity late at night.

The Post reports on police response following recent night of shootings across the District. Two paragraphs of note:

The stepped-up enforcement plan would include many of the strategies already being used in Northeast, Groomes said. "We've been doing sweeps against public disorder and drinking in public. We've been doing gun recovery. We've increased traffic enforcement. We've been knocking on doors of those on parole and those associated with gangs."

The main difference, she added, is that police will broaden those efforts through the city. "After last night, we realize that we don't know where it could hit next anymore. So we've got to expand this Districtwide."

An old shot of the location where the man's body was found.
I've been told that the 30 year old man shot at Joe Cole did not reside in the neighborhood, but lived elsewhere in the District. He regularly spent time at the Rec center after he got off work. He was employed by the District government.

Councilmember Thomas' office is aware of the demand for greater light surrounding Joe Cole, and engaged in discussions of the matter with representatives from relevant agencies yesterday. So hopefully we'll see some better lighting soon. In this way this man's tragic killing might still yield some positive effect in that it could deter future violence on the site. At a meeting a few weeks ago with administrators and architects working on Wheatley I stressed the importance of heavy lighting around the school with a particular focus on the rear of the grounds as the face Joe Cole.

A coke spoon? Found in the valley between Joseph Cole and Wheatley Elementary, which is undergoing a long awaited renovation before it reopens.

It is not unusual to see liquor bottles or drug paraphernalia on the site.

The Convergence
This photo shows one of Wheatley's buildings and how close it sits to Joe Cole.

The 1960s building above has been demolished and will be replaced, but note that portions of Wheatley sit on higher ground than that of the Rec. The wall visible here grows in height as the space between the two sites descends into an inclined alley that empties out onto Morse, Trinidad, and Neal.


Rob said...

Definitely no doubt that there's stepped up MPD presence. We're seeing them constantly, including on foot.

inked said...

Yes, cops in cars, on bikes, in vans, and on foot are everywhere right now. And response times have been very short. Hopefully this rain will also help them to break the chain in this crime wave.