Friday, January 16, 2009

Inauguration Changes

From the Argonaut-

The Argonaut will be opening at 11AM on Mon. January 19th and Tues. January 20th

We will be doing a fixed price menu as well as offering our regular menu

On Tuesday we will have a DJ starting at 9pm

Come celebrate CHANGE with US

For reservations please email


Jesse said...

Not on topic, but the WSJ dropped a not about Horace & Dickie's being the place to go eat durin inaguration...

finally! said...

thanks for providing some interesting info, jesse!

Elizabeth Shapiro said...

Hi, this is unrelated to this post but i'm having problems with email right now so i couldn't just write you. I recall a while ago you posted an dress to send the front portions of greeting cards to the saint judes hospital, i assume for some sort of craft project. do you have that address? I couldn't find it in the archive. thanks!

inked said...

Here's the link for the cards.

Anonymous said...

Went to the Argonault yesterday. They were busy, but the service was really good, and the food even better. Thank you for being open for lunch.
I will be back.

Last time at Argo said...

Wow! Eighteen dollars for a chicken pot pie? What a ripoff, especially considering that the price of this "special" wasn't even listed on the board. I don't think I'll be back for a while.

Anonymous said...

Joe Englert said------
Last Time at Argo:

Please give me a shout at I would love to give you a gift certificate. Inauguration was hectic and we probably didn't give you the proper attention. Please, let us make it up to you. Thanks..Joe

Derek said...

I met up with an out of town friend and went to the H Street Corridor to get something to eat. She likes Sushi, so Sticky Rice. Well there was a 3hr wait. We went to G. Moores and a +2hr wait. We went to Argo and was able to get a seat by the jukebox. It took me awhile to get the bartenders attention for him to say they are holding off food orders until the kitchen knows what they have left. I spoke to the chef(sorry I forgot your name and you acan give me crap about that later)and he said they were unbelieveable busy for the whole weekend. Each day surpassed the previous. I have a background in the food industry so I understand the stress. We got feed and the food like normal was great. I have never seen outragous prices there. I am very happy they they were open and were as busy as they had been. Cooler space is always limited. BTW, our wait time was normal and like hell if I was about to wait 3hrs for stupid Sushi.

inked said...

Last time at Argo,
I'll speak as a server that day at the Argo [so this is unofficial]-
the price was on the printed list that should have been in your menu. I understand that some menus didn't get them that day. We were slammed, and had to deal with a minor grease fire [contained within a minute] that put our grill out of commission and threw the kitchen into a minor panic until it reopened 30 minutes later. Sorry about the oversight about the menu.

I hope that you enjoyed the pot pie. I'm told it was quite tasty. I will say that we are very careful about not tricking customers into ordering high priced items. That same day [inauguration day] I overheard our chef telling the bartender to make sure that people knew how much they were spending one the specials.
Our dinner specials generally run between 16 and 22 dollars a piece. In the the future, if your server doesn't tell you the price of a special [AND you don't have a price on the menu --this only should have happened with the abbreviated post-fire menu] you can raise that issue with your server.
As a server at the Argo [again, this is unofficial], I can say that we all want customers to be happy. Servers are dependent on tips [otherwise we make just 2.50 an hour] so we need customers to be satisfied. We also want repeat customers, and we really [totally] love our local regulars. If customers feel mislead they won't be happy, or come back. None of us would seek to intentionally mislead
a customer. When I set up the menus and we have specials I always put all the menus with special menus in one place. We have to constantly recheck them because the specials menus come unclipped, and some customers rip them out to keep at their table for dessert purposes. This is why people may occasionally [particularly during a massive rush like this weekend--we set records this weekend for sales, and we all really worked crazy hours for days on end] have not received menus for specials. I enjoy working at the Argo [when I'm not at another job] for three reasons-

1. I've always been interested in the restaurant business [this is a chance to get an inside view on an H Street spot]

2. I like running into/meeting locals. It's fun.

3. The crew from the Argo is honestly the best group of people with whom I've ever worked. I work with bright/friendly/responsible people. I've learned [this was my first restaurant job] a great deal about working with others as a team [in a very different way than I ever did while working for a law firm where my department often worked long hours and traveled].

tim said...

My wife, brother-in-law and I came in on Tuesday. They were slammed, but tried hard to make everyone comfortable. We had great service and delicious food. As always, the Argo was great!