Friday, January 16, 2009

Shuttle Info

Here's what they sent me-

H Street Northeast business leaders launched the new H Street Shuttle Wednesday, January 14th in front of the Atlas Performing Arts Center, 1333 H Street, NE. Noting concern about transportation during the multi-year H Street “Great Streets” streetscape project, and the need for improved connections for H Street businesses, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells worked with the DC Department of Transportation to identify funds to create a shuttle service for the corridor. The shuttle service will provide express services connecting the Gallery Place and Minnesota Avenue Metro Stations, with a limited number of stops on H Street, NE and run on an approximate 30 minute headway schedule.

The H Street Business Cooperative, a not-for-profit organization charged with addressing the transportation needs of the H Street Northeast businesses will oversee the new shuttle system which will be run by U Street Parking and Transportation, a DC company known for managing parking lots, valet services and transportation issues throughout Washington.

The Shuttle is free to all riders but is aimed at patrons from different areas of the city and the surrounding regions heading to H Street NE to enjoy the city’s newest arts, nightlife and retail destinations.

Riders should look for passenger vans with the Green and White H ST NE logo an all sides. The logo was created initially by Design Army, an award-winning graphic design firm located on H Street NE, for H Street Main Street (HSMS). In an effort to unify branding, generous cooperation with HSMS allows the placement of this dynamic logo on the shuttles. The initial design provided by HSMS, created through funding via the District’s Neighborhood Investment Fund, will be seen on banners along H Street NE promoting H Street business and the H Street Festival.

The Shuttle will run 7 evenings a week from 5 pm until the Metro closes; 12 am Sunday through Thursday and 3 am Friday and Saturday .

Initially, the east-bound shuttle stops will be:

· Gallery Place Metro (Red Line) 7th and H Street NW. Pick up in front of Zengo Restaurant, 781 7th Street NW on, 7th, just south of H Street NW.

· 5th and H Street NE

· 10th and H Street NE

· 1333 H Street NE (the Atlas Performing Arts Center)

· Starburst Intersection, 15th and H and Florida Ave NE (The Argonaut Tavern)

· Minnesota Avenue Metro (Blue and Orange Line)

And, west-bound stops at:

· Minnesota Avenue Metro (Blue and Orange Line)

· Starburst Intersection, 15th and H and Florida Ave NE (The Argonaut Tavern)

· Between 12th and 13th Streets on H Street NE

· 9th and H Street NE

· 5th and H Street NE

· Gallery Place Metro (Red Line) 7th and H Street NW. Drop off in front of Starbucks on H St NW.

U Street Transportation
50 Rhode Island Ave. NE. Suite # 1
Washington D.C 20002
202-265-0010 office 202-265-5007 Fax

Weekday Shuttle Suggested pick up/drop off Area [weekend runs still being finalized]

Shuttle 1 1st Run 2nd Run 3rd Run 4th Run 5th Run 6th Run 7th Run
1.       Start @ Minnesota Ave Metro Station 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00
2.   Rose's Dream 5:10 6:10 7:10 8:10 9:10 10:10 10:11
3.       Martini Lounge 5:15 6:15 7:15 8:15 9:15 10:15 11:15
4.   5th & H St. 5:20 6:20 7:20 8:20 9:20 10:20 11:20
5.       Gallery Place China Town 5:25 6:25 7:25 8:25 9:25 10:25 11:25

1. Start at Gallery Place Chinatown 5:35 7:35 7:35 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35
2. Between 5th and 6th 5:40 6:40 7:40 8:40 9:40 10:40 11:40
3. 11th and H 5:45 6:45 7:45 8:45 9:45 10:45 11:45
4. Atlas Performing Arts Center 5:50 6:50 7:50 8:50 9:50 10:50 11:50
5. 14th and H 5:55 6:55 7:55 8:55 9:55 10:55 11:55
6. Minnesota Ave Metro Station 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 0:00


jen said...

FYI this schedule is the Sun-Thurs schedule. The company will finalize stops and times for Fri and Sat evenings this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Awesome--so based on the stops, looks like they've done a great job of focusing the stops JUST along H Street near the currently developed areas. People looking for "free rides" (at least the ones that are concerning people on this blog) will probably see little utility from this shuttle as a result.

Tom A. said...

I agree with anon 10:50. They'd be even wiser to start it at 6pm- which would eliminate people who want a free ride home from the 9-5 job.

jamy said...

Count me as someone who may well use this as a free ride home since it gets me to my nearest corner on H. But it will also be great to have a quick way to get to the other end of H.

Then again, I bet I'll still ride the X2 more often...and I'm not scared. Also, if it's only running on the hour, not sure how useful it actually will be for the intended ridership.

jkc said...

eh, they should just add another Circulator route instead.

Anonymous said...

Running once every hour is pretty useless. If it comes I take it, otherwise I will jump on the X2. How many people does the shuttle handle?

Charles said...

agreed with 2:12. Once an hour is not a shuttle. as for "people looking for free rides," more power to them. if you want to ride by yourself call a cab.

Anonymous said...

How about a validation system where you have to provide a receipt of somewhere on H st?

H is for Happy said...


What do you do about people on their way to H Street?

gonna be a "ride" said...

pretty funny.

watch and see how they'll have to tweak the system.

in general, it's a good initiative.


it's gonna be interesting.

what's up? said...

off topic, but....

i went to the liquor store on 3rd and H to buy some booze for our inauguration party...

several folks in front of me ordering "half pints" of booze.

so i looked at the shelves behind the bullet proof glass. most of the booze was little bottles.

what's up with the singles ban?

i had two people approach me for "change" while in the store.

i'd like to support local business, but......

it's the first time i've been there in months.

normally i go to schneider's.

oh... and there was a guy peeing on the side of the wall (east side of the bldg), when i left.


what's up?

Tim said...

this is good for people like me who live uptown and come to h street once and a while. good to know that at about 630/730/830 we can catch a free ride to the bars. don't need much more than that! otherwise catch a real bus for $1.25

it probably won't attract many more new patrons, but may encourage people like me to come more often.

Anonymous said...

Look at the schedule, the shuttles run every half an hour.

Anonymous said...

To: "What's up?"

Why would you support a "local business" that allows its patrons to behave that way? Isn't giving them your business encouraging a message that their operations are acceptable to the neighbors?

tired of stupid people said...

anon 9:07

there's a fine line between neglecting local business and supporing local business.

i've had a talk with the managers of that store. they're appealling the ban. i constantly tell them that they'll need to change their operations.

likely, i'm doing more than you.

what have you done in terms of communicating local desires to established business?

thought so.

Anonymous said...

The shuttle works !!!! It's on time too. awesome.

Anonymous said...

has any one else had the issue that you've been told you had to tip a few dollars to ride the shuttle? while I'm fully supportive of tipping, it really caught me off guard that I was told I had to tip upon getting on. it ended up costing more than the X2.

Dolemite said...

"has any one else had the issue that you've been told you had to tip a few dollars to ride the shuttle? while I'm fully supportive of tipping, it really caught me off guard that I was told I had to tip upon getting on. it ended up costing more than the X2."

Who hired these drivers??? Are they employed by a city agency? I believe this effort is at least partially funded with taxpayer dollars, is it not? If the drivers are employees of a city agency, they absolutely cannot accept tips, let alone SOLICIT tips. Freaking DC....

soul searcher said...

if a driver for a free shuttle asked me for a tip, i would say "sure, i'll give you 15% of the fare" and walk to my seat.

jen said...

U Street Parking and Transportation runs the shuttle on behalf of the H Street Business Cooperative. I was not aware they were soliciting tips, that was never discussed. I will look into this today and post back here.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious if the schedule has changed, I went over to the Chinatown stop yesterday and got there at 5:30, there was a H street shuttle parked with blinkers on but no driver. When he came back (at about 5:40) he said that he was scheduled to leave at 6, adding that "a bus just left." Its definitely possible that I missed the first bus, but I wasn't sure why he told me he would be leaving at 6. Any updates would be greatly appreciated...thanks

Philly transplant

Charles said...

I have ridden free shuttles in other cities, and if the drivers provided good and friendly service, I usually give them a buck. But it is not right for these drivers to solicit tips.