Friday, January 16, 2009

DCist: H Street Shuttle

DCist covers the new shuttle. More on the shuttle tomorrow [meaning later today].


Becca said...

My friend took this shuttle last night after dinner at Granville Moore's! The valet in front of Martini Lounge was actively recruiting people to get on and give it a try - she reports that it took her straight to the Gallery Place Metro. There was only 1 other person on board when she got on - I hope people start using this thing!

Anonymous said...

I like the line in the DCist article about H Street revelers "trying to figure out the X2 bus schedule." What's to figure out? The thing runs in a straight line, and often.

I still wish that, instead of messing around with shuttles and streetcars, we could put some effort into making small improvements to the X2, like putting an express bus on the same route. None of these attempts to get around a functioning bus route make any sense to me.