Monday, September 06, 2010

Caught on Film: Campaign Sign Theft

The following images show former ANC 5B10 ANC Kathy Henderson (who was denied a place of the Democratic Primary ballot for Ward 5 Councilmember) removing Kwame Brown and Harry Thomas Jr. signs from in front of the Capital City Diner, and replacing them with Fenty signs. The images were sent to me by the owner of Capital City Diner, and he stated that Ms. Henderson did not have permission to remove the signs. This is not the first time Ms. Henderson has been accused of ripping down the signs of political rivals, but it is the first time that I have seen photographic evidence of such behavior. Ms. Henderson is now running as an independent for the Ward 5 seat.



And here we have to emails from Kathy Henderson to local listservs. My favorite part is when she accuses Councilmember Thomas and Matt Ashburn of fraud. So what comes first for Ms. Henderson, some kind of legal sanction for removing the signs, or a libel suit? I'm taking bets.

Sent: 9/5/2010 10:10:45 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Re: [Eckington] Say it ain't so.....

To Anyone that Actually Cares:

Cap City Diner owner Matt Ashburn asked me to remove the signs and replace them with Fenty signs because he was hoping Mayor Fenty would visit the Diner while campaigning for re-election. Mr. Ashburn claimed he allowed our Councilmember to place the signs on his property because "...I felt sorry for him and did not want to say no". An hour after I replaced the signs they were removed. Apparently, Mr. Ashburn used this deception as a photo opportunity.

It makes me wonder what went wrong between himself and his business partner who is trying to sell his share of the business. Mr. Ashburn has a restraining order against his business partner; perhaps this type of deceitful behavior eroded the goodwill between them.

Kathy Henderson


Fw: Re: [5DCAC] Fwd: [Eckington] Say it ain't so.....
Re: [5DCAC] Fwd: [Eckington] Say it ain't so.....
September 6, 2010 11:54:53 AM EDT
"" <>
Councilmember Thomas:

As you should know filing a false police report is unlawful. You will be held accountable for participating in known fraud with Matt Ashburn. Using deception to bolster your campaign is typical; however, in this case encouraging Matt Ashburn to pursue a police report that he knows is false will have dire consequences for you. At the end of the day, your tenure as councilmember is still disappointing and no amount of sabotage will change that.

Kathy Henderson


The Post's Mike DeBonis cites a campaign source as saying that Henderson stole a Harry Thomas Banner worth $250. If that's accurate, the matter is much more serious than I previously thought. It means that Henderson could face a charge of theft in the 2nd degree, punishable by a fine of up to $1000, and imprisonment for no more than 180 days.


Hb said...

This is at least two crimes, theft and destruction of property. Cap City Diner should call MPD. People complain about this sort of stupid thievery on the MPD listservs--here's a culprit caught red-handed.

8th and El said...

Hilarious... and illegal, right?

roxanneismyalterego said...

Aw damn, making us Fenty supporters look bad. This is just outright stupidity. In the broad daylight? Really? Wowzers.

Rob said...

A humorous start to my day. Hi from the Middle East, Inked!

Anonymous said...

Concerned Novice said:

Can I go to jail for peeing on a Phil Mendelson sign?

Anonymous said...

all these signs suck anyway.
just more useless crap for our landfills.

Capitol said...

Cap City Diner, what video recording software and camera set-up do you use? Excellent photos. I wonder how soon before some campaign savvy operative alerts the TV media about the existence of these photos?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Is she really a Fenty supporter or just trying to make him look bad? Make the Cap Diner look bad? (You know how all white people support Fenty)If she is a Fenty supporter, does she think that changing people's signs will get votes? Is she thinking or just mad?

Anonymous said...

All week i've been following a gray poster covered mini van with pennsylvania tags, and a fenty truck with virginny tags. And now this? If i didn't know better i'ld be worried that folks would think dc politics are a joke.
end home rule
the pug

Anonymous said...

In Ward (3) Three we have been catchin & releasin fakes on neighborhood email groups. There have been 3 so far on the the TenleyTown listserv.

BTW we're on our 3rd Vince Gray sign.

Anonymous said...

Vince Gray will kill the streetcar. He tried once in the middle of the night, and when people noticed he backed off. But after the election, what's to stop him.

So if you are against the streetcar, vote Gray.

Anonymous said...

I am a Fenty supported and voted for him last week when early voting opened up. Please don't let the actions of one foolish person sour your opinion on Fenty. Not sure what her motives are exactly, but I highly doubt she was instructed to do this by campaign staff.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of what's legal (or not), we got a clip from a recent TOWNHALL meeting where the voters trusted their elected officials representing them to get to the bottom of the matter involving DC contracts to friends of Adrian Fenty and hears David Catania's reading of the Federal law to the Fenty administration City Administrator, Neil Albert with NO SPIN so you can decide and pass it on:

inked said...

It would be great if we could stay on topic, and not just have a general political discussion.

But one comment on the topic: Camille Jean-Esther Tucker has turned in a petition to run against India Henderson, the daughter of Kathy Henderson. As many of you are no doubt aware, Kathy basically treats the ANC 5B10 as a puppet ANC regime.

Kevin said...

It strikes me as suspicious that Ms Henderson would remove signs of candidates which are generally supported in Ward 5, and then replace them with a candidate (Fenty) who is not polling well in Ward 5.

I know it sounds complicated, but this may simply be a continuation of her malice towards the diner. Unlike most other local politicians (ANC & City Council), Ms Henderson was not, in any way, supportive of the Diner during the initial planning and build-out phase. This is likely nothing more than the petty, bitter attempt of a failed politician to portray the Diner as taking sides in a mayoral race which they have intelligently avoided taking a side in.

For the record, I am a big supporter of the Street Car, so I support Fenty. It's hard to disagree with all the accounts of him being an jerk - but he's our jerk, and no one can argue that city government isn't running more efficiently now than it was four years ago. If Gray wins, which is likely, we may have to start organizing now, to ensure he appreciates the importance of the Streetcar to his constituents.

Kevin Horgan

Anonymous said...

So, has this set of photos been shown to the Fenty Campaign? Have they been asked to distance themselves from what seems to be improper character at least, by Ms. Henderson? If they choose not to distance themselves from Mr. Moten, maybe they will show some high ethics and speak to this situation.

But then again, I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, finally! Here we have actual video evidence of Henderson's true character. She's no better than the "unsavory" characters that she calls police on all the time.

Designing-Things said...

Kathy Henderson has flipped her wig! She should know better than to do something like this. I am shocked that she would venture onto someone's private property and do such a thing. How low will someone stoop to get their point across?
In addition to then demean someone's business to post unsubstantiated comments about his partnership with another individual. This is a new low as far as I am concerned. It also brings on the real face of a failed campaign and of someone hoping to effect change. Bad Move KH, bad move. Why not respect individuals rights to show their support for whom ever they want instead of pushing your politics on someone that surely doesn't appreciate them? Grow up honey, it's only an election.

Anonymous said...

if you have read much of what kathy has written then you would know that she very well could have interpreted matts, "hell no" as a sign that its okay to do whatever she wants.

her connection between words, comprehension, and action are not what the normal sane person would call synaptically healthy.

she tries to do the right thing, but really i wish she would just find a new hobby.

Kevin said...

Ms Henderson has less integrity than she has common sense. Why would the owner of a 24 hour diner need to call anyone other than his own employees, if he truly needed to change signs - as Ms Henderson alleges.

Her comment about a restraining order is also a total fabrication. I was in the diner for dinner only last week and Patrick stopped by for dinner with a friend. Her comments are pure fabrication. Ms Henderson's behavior is absolutely despicable.

Kevin Horgan

Kevin Horgan

Anonymous said...

Hmm, if the accusations re the restraining order are false, it looks like KH may be on the receiving end of a libel suite.

Anonymous said...

With all of the media coverage CCD is getting I would expect them to be super busy. I drive by 4-6 times a day heading to work and there only seems to be crickets and a tumble weeds inside their cramped space.

Davy Crockett's Hat said...

@anon 5:24 - Must be rough to have to goto work 4-6 times a day!

Kevin said...

Anon 3:31

One of us is using his/her real name to post. If I, for a second, wasn't backed by the truth, I wouldn't post openly as I do.

Good Luck,

Kevin Horgan

K said...

Kevin -- I think Anon 3:31 was referring to Kathy Henderson.

inked said...

a cause of action for libel also lies in the allegation of fraud, and conspiracy to commit fraud. That's libel per se. And it would probably be a pretty easy case as libel cases go.

Anonymous said...

I'm for streetcars and Gray has never been against streetcars as it would help his home ward...

Gray has issue with funding of the streetcars and other issues surrounding how DC is going to maintain, etc(same statement by the Transportation Admin (Feds)) It is reckless not to take into account the monetary shortcomings of the program. DC has been fiscally irresponsible with the streetcars. We have been paying for the trolleys to be stored in foreign countries for years at a crazy rate of hundreds of thousands of dollars....NOT SMART. We can do this, but it does require a plan.

anon 3:31 said...

Kevin, I was referring to Kathy Henderson, not you as the other posters noted. Sorry for the confusion on the initials.

Anonymous said...

As a Ward 5 resident and community activist,I know her well. Clearly, Kathy Henderson is a joke and a embarrassment to our Ward and to ANC's. She was kicked off the ballot in Ward 5 and rightfully so. She mistakenly thinks anyone will vote for her in Ward 5. Her insanity knows no bounds. She should be run outta town.
Ward 5 Democrat

Anonymous said...

Why was she kicked off the Ward 5 Ballot? Is it because she lives in Kingman Park, i.e. Ward 7?

This is so hilarious by the way, and really sad. Why is it that so many unstable individuals serve as ANC reps?

inked said...

the signatures on her nominating petition were successfully challenged (i.e. she didn't have the required 25 signatures from registered voters residing in ANC 5B10).

Kevin said...

Anon 3:31: Thanks for the clarification.

Liz said...

Anon 12:12 -- Specifically, she lives in Carver/Langston, which is squarely in Ward 5. Not sure why the article says Kingman Park, as I've never heard of anything north of Benning referred to as Kingman Park. (but I'm a newbie - only been here 8 years)

Anonymous said...

Kingman Park definitely ends at Benning. I'm not shocked at all that a Post reporter is unfamiliar with the neighborhood boundaries in NE.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has spent any time on a Ward 5 neighborhood list serv knows Kathy Henderson has deep and serious issues and delusions of grandeur.

This is not a woman who generally displays class but this seems even low for her.

You really embarrassed yourself this time Kathy. This is your karma for all that negativity you've been spewing over the years.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, the streetcar barely goes anywhere. I live off of "H" Street and think this project was all about some contractor getting a nice fat hook up. It amazes me how many people go on about it who don't even live in my neighborhood.

What makes cities like New York and London great walking cities are their subways. Not a street car that runs a few miles and will make driving on H street more difficult than it currently is.

Kingman Park Resident said...

Crazy ANCs run rampant in DC. The current Ward 7D01 ANC has written to all levels of DC government in an attempt to prove that a community garden has brought criminals to our neighborhood! (check out the emails at )

Thankfully, Lisa White is challenging the current ANC rep… so hopefully this drama will end soon.

Vote Lisa White!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't count on it. Raglan has been around a long time, ask Sharon Ambrose. No doubt she will be like the infamous LeRoy Thorpe. And no, she isn't Kathy Henderson's mother.

Anonymous said...

interesting how no one has commented on her allegation that the Diner owners are suing each other, and that has something to do with this. is that true? is there some sort of drama going on there?

Anonymous said...

i wonder if the Fenty sign she put up was the same one stolen from my yard. LOL. I put it up and it disappeared a couple days later. I love local politics. the level of maturity is at about zero.

inked said...

there was a personal issue between the two owners, and unrelated to the business. They have since resolved it. Patrick is a regular at the diner, even though Matt bought him out. As far as I know there is no lawsuit, and I don't believe even Kathy Henderson has alleged that one exists.

Kingman Park Resident said...

6:38 --

We must keep up hope!! It's such a shame that people complain that they want change, but they vote to keep the status quo. :-(

Vote Lisa White!!

Anonymous said...

You'd want to give her the benefit of the doubt but even if the owner did say he wanted the Thomas signs removed a savvy opponent wouldn't have touched those signs with a 10-foot poll. They would've waited until the owner removed the signs and let the owner put their signs up. Besides, why in the heck would the owner feel sorry for Thomas? He has about a much of a chance defeating Henderson as any team has in defeating the Nats! :-)

EPIC FAIL said...

Sorry everyone. Just Kidding...he, he, he.....

I missed the screenshot photo where I was stuffing the public garbage can with the temporarly removed signs before I made my post about how the owner/devil told me to do it. bad.

Anonymous said...

Who is the ANC Commissioner that has fought and obtained sidewalks and street curbs in Kingman Park (19th, 20th, 21st, 24th, 25th, D st E st and Oklahoma Ave.);
2.Fought for and Helped obtain three million dollars for the Anacostia River clean-up.
3.Major participant and fought for the establishment of the Kingman Island Environmental Education Center.
4.Served on the 2009 First Police District Evaluation Committee (PSVW).
Named the D.C. Environmental Advocate of the Year in 2004.
5.Fought the RFK Stadium Race Car Track Development.
6.Fought for an exercise and wellness center and recreation center in Kingman Park.
7. A proven Adovcate for the community.
Vote for Veronica Raglin for ANC - SMD 7D01. Kingman Park

Anonymous said...


It is such a shame that people lie about what they have done for Kingman Park! In the past 10 years the current ANC Commissioner Veronica Raglin has NEVER had a Single Member District Meeting. Ms. Raglin has fought AGAINST the Kingman Park/Rosedale Community Garden. Ms. Raglin is AGAINST all of the new comers (white & black young professionals) She conitues to approve things in the neighborhood WITHOUT the community input. Some ANCs think they are god and that is the case with
Ms. Veronica Crazy Raglin!

Anonymous said...

Kathy Henderson
Veronica Raglin

These two women are from the same mole! Nasty and Controlling! They think that they can control neighborhoods with their lies and phony accoplishments for their SMDs!I hope informed votes see thru the bull crap on Novemeber 2!

Oh, I see Ms. Henderson is off the ballot! Great! One down and one to go.....