Thursday, September 16, 2010

Festival 2010: Toki Underground Offerings

dumplings, originally uploaded by roboppy.

Reason number 5, 326 to attend Saturday's H Street Festival: sample food from the not yet opened Toki Underground. Toki Underground is set to open up above the Pug sometime in October. But you don't have to wait until to check out some of the offerings. Here's what they'll have for the Festival:

Toki Underground Beef Dumpling
Toki Underground Veggie Dumpling
Pho Dog
Tofu Pho Dog

Two Whole Pigs served with our house made Kimchi.

Flying Dog Draft Beers

Taiwanese Shaved Ice specials too.

Uh, what's a pho dog? Why not let the City Paper help you out?


Big_Bert said...

Congrats Eric. This is gonna be awesome. Can't wait for the new place to open.

Kiki said...


So excited for the Underground to open!

Anonymous said...

Pig roast?! Hell f**kin ya!

Anonymous said...

I was going to post thi sin the thread where the menu was first posted as a comment, but refrained.

Now, I must know:

What are the constituent components of a pho dog?

I predict it'll be great, but am having trouble figuring out how a brothy noodle soup translates to a bun-borne food.


inked said...

check out this City Paper article.

Anonymous said...

I'm so there!!!

Dave B said...

toki underground my ass. its on the second floor

djbays said...

Veggie dumplings & tofu pho dogs!

This WILL be the best H St festival ever.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Inked... I did attempt a Google search, but the results were not great.

I am both enlightened and ashamed.

I will definitely be trying one tomorrow, though.