Thursday, March 24, 2011

Examiner: Putting Construction in Perspective


The Examiner carries a local opinion piece discussing construction, and responding to the recent Informer article.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know anything about the stabbing at 13th and G tonight around 8?

Anonymous said...

yeah, some dude tried to throw his chicken wing bones in the trash receptacle and some other dudes cut him for "acting white." I heard all about it outside of Major's Carryout.

Kenny G said...

@Anon 11:02:

Is that really what you heard?

Kenny G said...

@Anon 11:02:

OK... Just read the comment thread in the Steuart Development post and see that you are being ironic. Hilarious.

Does anyone actually know anything about this violent crime? I didn't see anything on MPD's text alerts.

BTW: Is this the best resource for crime info in DC?

Anonymous said...

News Channel 4 ran a brief story saying two men robbed a woman. She sprayed them with mace but they stabbed her in the back and arms. They of course got away, and her bag & the knife were found in the public trash at the grassy triangle where G St meets Maryland. I hope she is okay and wish her the best recovering from such a traumatic event. Suspects were wearing black hooded sweatshirts.

Brian White said...

Is this the right article? This was about the construction. In the original article that this article responds to:
“With the city’s plans to deal with the infrastructure on H Street, we were supposed to have had construction done in three phases, but all of a sudden they decided to tear up all the streets at one time and it has really hurt the businesses.”

That is entirely valid. It isn't just black merchants who complained about this. Joe Englert had a letter complaining about it. The city was only supposed to do one section at a time, specifically to not rip up the whole street at once.

The original article is pretty hilarious though.
"But things reportedly changed in the late 1960s with the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King: .... with crack-cocaine use having become more prevalent in major cities across the country, D.C. was also reportedly hard-hit;"

Reportedly? Well, you reported it. But it really and truly happened and nobody doubts it. So it doesn't need to be qualified as reportedly.

"She added that with property taxes having escalated, she wondered why minority businesses would have to pay as much in taxes as the new white-owned bars and clubs.

“So I see it as discrimination..."

Yes, clearly it is discrimination for white and black business owners to pay the same taxes. What else could possibly explain that?