Thursday, March 24, 2011

Queen Vic in Photos


The Queen Vic is not yet officially open, but here are some photos from tonight's no food soft opening. Pretty exciting, no? Let's go inside.

First I'll show you the downstairs...

...followed by the upstairs bar,

...and lastly, the deck.

And now for a special bonus feature, construction photos!

Also, remember the food from the H Street Festival last year? Here's that lamb beef burger (excellent BTW).

Here's the butter chicken (also very tasty).


Anonymous said...

Word is it's April 4th or 5th.

@HStreetDC said...

Shhh! Do not tell anyone outside the neighborhood!
Queen Vic quietly opened its front doors this evening. People peeked inside, went in, and drank beer from their many taps.
They'll be open for drinks only on a quiet basis until late next week. No food until April 4 as Adam continues to get the hang of their really super kitchen.
It will be about three or four weeks until they add Sunday lunch with the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding we're all lusting for.
Go by if you're in the neighborhood. We were there tonight and loved it.
Ryan and Kevin did a wonderful job on Queen Vic. This is going to be a great favorite on H Street.

fmo said...

can't wait!

Kat said...

They are also looking for donations of UK swag for the upstairs wall (see pics 10-12). Pending approval by staff, of course!

Anonymous said...

Is that a Wells Bomardier tap? Woo hoo!

LibrariNerd said...

I don't see Phil or Peggy anywhere...

Chris said...

We stopped in last night. The upstairs space is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome, especially the upstairs.

I don't know if it's $15 bowl of oatmeal awesome, though.

Anonymous said...

so they want people to donate decorative items, that they may or may not use, presumably depending on whether the staff thinks the garbage is hip enough, and then they want $15 for a bowl of oatmeal?

The place looks nice, but that's a real turnoff for me right out of the gate.

Can we get some kind of explanation as to how a bowl of oatmeal warrants a charge of $15? I am genuinely curious.

Anonymous said...

According to owners, the $15 oatmeal is a typo and they are making the changes this weekend.
Pretty sure the "pending approval" for the UK swag is because they don't want offensive stuff not because they are "hipsters"

Roneeka said...

Thanks for the feedback!

We are open for drinks from 5pm every night while Chef Adam works on the menu in the kitchen and our soft opening will be Thursday 31st March until Sunday 3rd April. We will offer most of the dinner menu - with a 25% discount.
Official opening is Monday 4th April.
We are holding off the Saturday and Sunday opening times until maybe mid April.

@Anonymous - the porridge is actually $8 - our apologies for the misprint

Marty said...

Stopped in for a pint yesterday (which turned into a couple). Nice place. Wish you guys all the best.

Anonymous said...

They are open at night on the weekends, not during the day on weekends yet (sometime in mid April). Stopped in for a pint and it was great. Good job guys!

Linda said...

Looks wonderful. I can't wait to stop by.

Linda (formerly with AMC Hawk)