Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Movie Night at RnR Hotel

Rock and Roll Hotel (1353 H Street) screens two Peter Jackson movies tonight:
Meet the Feebles (a 1989 film about twisted puppets)
Bad Taste (a 1987 movie about aliens with a taste for human flesh)

$3 rail drinks all night (21+ to enter). No cover.


DCJaded said...

I'm a Derek and Dereks never quit!

Anonymous said...

sounds fun. What kind of licensing deal did they make that enabled them to show these films in a commercial establishment?

inked said...

@anon 10:40,
I'm guess that they contacted the studio in question, got a public performance license, and paid the fee. It isn't that hard to do.

Anonymous said...

cool. Can we make the same assumption for all of the bars on the strip that play .mp3's off of laptops?

inked said...

Feel free to write ASCAP or ask the individual bars. It's probably more effective than posting fake questions on a blog, eh?

Anonymous said...

What makes a question fake? Seems to me a question is a question. No need to get defensive.

inked said...

I'm not being defensive. I wouldn't have a reason to be defensive. If someone repeatedly (over the course of a few years) posts the same question in an accusatory tone and never approaches those who could actually answer it, that seems like a fake question to me. If that person is concerned about a copyright vio, he should check with the establishment, or with ASCAP. Continually posting comments here suggests the real motive isn't concern with compliance, but enjoying making vague accusations. It's annoying.