Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Gov Shut Down = Cheap Drinks


I just heard from the Pug (1234 H Street) that  if the Federal government is actually shut down on Friday the Pug will give those producing their gov work IDs 10% off either all weekend, or until the shutdown ends (whichever comes first).


Anonymous said...

I'll drink to that! (But hopefully not at a 10% discount!)

Dave b said...

77 degrees on monday too. Great time to double my annual golf excursion total. Langston and pug. Ah f. Langston wil prob be closed. Just pug then. Why did champions league have to be this week?

Matt Ashburn said...

Does my gubment ID get me 10% off of Pug cheeseballs too? If so, I'm there.

Then again, who am I kidding? I'll be there anyway.

inked said...

@matt ashburn,
I think you just get 10% extra cheeseballs.

Furloughed Hill Staffer said...

hstreetgreatstreet says Hill staff are not included in this. True?

inked said...


I got an email from a Pug employee 4/6 that said ALL Fed gov employees. I haven't heard otherwise from the Pug, but I can't guarantee it. I have seen that announcement other places.

Anonymous said...

i'm so disgusted by these shameless, spineless jungle animals on capitol hill. there seems to be a lot of rumors flying around, i was under the impression that congress was still going to get paid. who knows, fuck it we've been through enough shenanigans for the week. starting at 9 tonight a government id gets you ten per cent off. shut down or not. i'll need some kind of proof that hill staff is not going to get paid, and of course except for congressman ryan of ohio, any members of congress will be charged double, or be expected to buy the bar a round of shots. Also if i hear customers trying to assign partisan blame to this debacle, they will be escorted out, especially if i don't agree with them.

inked, if you feel like this should be a new post, i leave that to your discretion, but as always, thanks for your support.
the pug

Anonymous said...

It is up to each Hill office to determine how they will handle the furloughs. In my office 16 of the 19 staff members will be furloughed and will go without pay.

The 16 are in the same boat as any other federal employee who is facing furlough.

Just the facts said...

tonyt, this if from Politico -

"For staffers working for lawmakers, it is up to their individual offices to decide the category under which they fall in the event of a shutdown. “Nonessential” employees are placed on “unpaid, nonwork” status. “Essentials” must report for duty. Both could receive back pay if Congress approves funds in an appropriations bill, but that’s not guaranteed. Many staffers said Thursday they still had not been told whether they were “essential” or not.

"Only lawmakers themselves are guaranteed to be paid in a shutdown. So senators and House members earning $174,000 a year will collect paychecks regardless, unlike lower-level aides who earn as little as $30,000 a year."

Anonymous said...

even though i have a nagging sensation that some of these staffers are part of the problem i will include staffers in the discount program. (clearly those staffers who drink at the pug regularly are not part of the problem). however, as i said before, anyone verbally laying blame on this fiasco within my hearing range will be subject to ejection.
the pug

Hill Staffer / Pug Regular said...

tonyt, THANKS!!!