Friday, April 01, 2011

WP: Star and Shamrock Review


The Post writes up the Star and Shamrock, which is about to celebrate its first birthday (look for lots of great specials). Speaking of which, check out the menu for the Anniversary Stout Dinner (from the website):

One Year Anniversary “Stout Dinner”

The Star and the Shamrock along with Chef Teddy Folkman celebrate our one year Anniversary with a very special “Stout Dinner” on Sunday, April 17th. For more details email us at

Fish and Chips - Fried Flounder, House Made-Steak Fries
Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout
BBQ Ribs - Raspberry Glazed Smoked Beef Riblets, Collards
Bell’s Kalamazoo
Steamers - Fennel and Pork Belly Cream
Allagash Black
Bangers and Mash - Keilbasa with Potatoes and Cabbage
Flying Dog Coffee Stout
Cheesecake - Stout Caramel

(Menu Not Final – Subject to Change)

The only part of the review with which I take issue is the characterization of lunch options on H Street. Yes, not every place is open for lunch. But, as we discussed a few times last month (and H Street Great Street pointed out again yesterday) there is a growing number of places willing to open up during the weekday lunch hour. I also need to point out that both the short lists tossed about in the comments here, and the one that appears on HSGS are vastly incomplete. There are tons of additional carryouts on H Street that are open for lunch. These would include quality offerings like Tony's and Major's (and who doesn't get a Popeye's craving on occasion?). Or, you can head over to Bladensburg Road and snag a po'boy from Sullivan's, or a club sandwich from the Capital City Diner.

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