Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CP: Committee of 100 Honors Streetcar Gadfly

DC Streetcar Front, originally uploaded by Mr. T in DC.

Housing Complex reports that the Committee of 100 (scroll down to the bottom)  has honored their Transportation Committee Chair Meg Maguire (who fought overhead wires for Streetcars).


This place is messed up... said...

Boo to Ms. Maguire and her damn award.

What's the status of the overhead wires that this non-H St.resident fought so hard for and is now apparently being rewarded for her efforts. Does anyone have anything definitive to report?

lou said...

Fossils rule, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Council decided a year ago to allow overhead wires on H Street. DDOT is required to use a system that can go for at least one mile without wires (so a kind of hybrid.)
They have an RFP for this out to the industry. Other cities are interested in this type of system too. It's a rapidly evolving technology so they aren't saying exactly what the system will eventually be. Now they will use wires but they aren't deciding on a specific system now that might be obsolete in 5 years.