Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DCist Checks Out Swampoodle the Play

Rachel Beauregard in Swampoodle by Tom Swift, presented by The Performance Corporation and Solas Nua, pic Ciaran Bagnall
Photo by Ciaran Bagnall

DCist offers tips to anyone planning to see to Swampoodle the show. The production currently runs at the Uline Arena through May 28th.


Anonymous said...

From what I've heard, there hasn't been a worse theatric production in DC in a long time. Tickets are going for extremely reduced rates on Godstar. Pity, I was actually looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

i thought it rocked despite sound challenges- the audience tonight laughed and cried and basically totally loved it. plus have heard it's sold out plus has a waiting list regardless of the great rockstar reviews and whiny "i don't get it" ones. check it out if you can!

Gene Shalit said...

i've seen a lot of theatre in this town and those that say this is the worst production probably only hit the safer more digestible theatres. this is a stream of consciousness rambling series of events and dialogue to evoke feelings. it's not a linear story aimed at your intellect. there is beautiful singing, lighting, interesting use of sections of the space as a vignette, video projections and lots of shuffling around.
it's slow, a bit contemplative, though not particularly deep writing. i enjoyed myself immensely.
if you are looking for traditional theatre or looking for a history lesson, you should skip this.

if you need to walk away with a solid thought, it's "we all built this city, and we all need to make sure we don't let it fall apart". but really, it's not about anything.
btw, the lighting design was amazing and i can't even imagine the difficulties that space presented.