Thursday, July 14, 2011

HSGS: Patio Construction at Liberty Tree

H Street Great Street has an update on patio construction at Liberty Tree (1016 H Street).


D said...

This is great and exciting news yet long over due! I love this restaurant but not near enough seating. Happy to hear that there will be more seating soon. I just hope they get it together quickly before Summer & Fall are gone.

Anonymous said...

Something must have happened with their cook staff recently because between the previous time I went and last night when I went, the quality of the meal has declined dramatically. I'm not sure they'll have the customers to fill the patio if the trend continues.

-H ST South.

sa said...

i've only been here twice and didn't find it to be a comfortable space ( staff however was fantastic). having an outdoor space will make me consider going back.

sa said...

is there a list anywhere of places on h that have outside/rooftop seating?