Friday, August 12, 2011

Chalk Walk 9/10


H Street Main Street and CHAMPS (Capitol Hill’s Chamber of Commerce) present the first ever Chalk Walk on H Street. Funded in part by a generous grant from the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development’s Neighborhood Investment Fund, the Chalk Walk is a day-long event that will allow attendees to watch artists working live, in partnership with H Street businesses, to create sidewalk art with the theme, “My Neighborhood is My Business.”

The Chalk Walk will begin at 10am when artists are allowed to start working on their creations. Visitors are encouraged to stroll the street and watch the artists work and will have an opportunity to leave their mark on a community mural at 3rd and H. Restaurants on the street will take part in a “Brunch Around,” and will offer discounts and specials for this unique event.

The artists must complete their pieces by 3pm, and from 3pm until 6:30pm, their work will be on view to the public who will vote on the pieces that they feel best embody the “My Neighborhood is My Business” theme. From 6:30pm until 7:30pm, votes will be tallied and judges will deliberate to determine their favorites. The People’s Choice and the Judges’ Choices will be announced at 7:30pm at Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar at 1104 H Street.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed it. It must have been pretty amazing given the $25,000 grant awarded by the DMPED to H Street Main Street for the event and "neighborhood business technical assistance" as part of the NIF program. 25k can buy ALOT of chalk!

Would be great if there was some modicum of accountability for these spending of these taxpayer funds!

Anonymous said...

It was $40,000.
The grant went to CHAMPS. They also taught people how to tweet.

inked said...

you didn't miss it. It's in September. CHAMPS has been doing a lot of different stuff recently, and the grant is paying for a great deal more than this one event. Maybe try to keep an open mind?

Anonymous said...

Re' 9:34 From what I've seen, CHAMPS has been pretty productive in generating positive publicity and useful classes for H Street businesses. You sound a bit jealous, did you have plans for that money?

Derek said...

Off topic:

While being at the Farmers Market this morning, a few of us noticed the banner announcing a Sushi & Sake bar opening up soon. It is across the street and near the corner of 7th and H St.

dt said...

Also off topic:

While walking down H last night, we came upon the soft open for Shawafel. They said they'll be open on Monday. Did anyone else go, and what did you think of the food? I thought it was quite tasty and, being only 2 blocks from home, I will probably eat there far more than is healthy...

inked said...

Derek, that's Hikari at 644 H Street. No word yet on an opening date.