Thursday, August 11, 2011

Liberty Tree's Patio Is Open


Liberty Tree (1016 H Street) just opened their new patio. It's pretty good timing too as we seem to have passed the worst of the summer swelter, but still have plenty of warm days stretched out in front of us. This may be the perfect time to try out their new cucumber and melon infused gin cocktails.


Gonzo said...

I'm totally hitting up that patio. Hey, wasn't Sidamo slated for a sidewalk cafe? Or am I misremembering? Anyone have a scoop on the French restaurant, the Falafel joint or Big Board? Haven't heard much talk about them... or maybe it's being burried in Toki buzz? (not to knock Toki- it's awesome, but it has a tireless PR effort that others could learn from).

RPW said...

Sidamo's sidewalk cafe was never approved by the city and isn't happening which is a shame.

There was a post recently about the French place but I think all three are still a ways out. I'm most looking forward to the pho place to open up!