Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fruit Bat Opens For Lunch


Local Latin inspired cocktail and juice bar Fruit Bat (1236 H Street) has added lunch and brunch service. They open at 11am. Stop by for coffee and some tasty tacos (vegetarian options available). H/T @HStreetDC.


woratio said...

Pork Tacos are $12 now? They're good, but I thought they were pretty high at $9. Maybe you get 3 now instead of 2?

Gonzo said...

It's good to see lunch spots opening up on H St. That type of environment could help drive up the foot traffic that new retail needs.

Dave B said...

Hopefully this means they are doing well. I've been there a few times. Once when they first opened and we were like the only people in there. The food was really good and they had homemade tortillas (or something close to it).

Then I went there a month or two ago and there were a handful of people getting somewhat sluggish, disorganized service, and it seemed like it was every employee's first day. They were playing some crap playlist of some guy singing popular rock and rap songs in a lounge singer style. A song would have cursing (which I am OK with) and the cook/dishwasher would be summoned to climb up to the ipod to change the song, but he kept it on the same album which was not change, it was just more of the same. Ok, ok, I get it; some guy cursing and sounding like Robert Goulet (sp?) is mildly funny/shocking the first time I heard it. Each time I was like a dog getting faked out by somebody pretending to throw a ball.

Anyway, after what seemed like a long time (not Sticky Rice long, but longish) of bad music and awkward service with the bartender asking what we ordered like 3 times, the food finally came but with a long enough gap in between items that i just figured they forgot half the stuff. Then finally we got every thing and it was all VERY GOOD (pork and ceviche tacos), but it seems they have abandonded the homemade tortillas.

Anyway, hopefully they got their shit together, because the food is good (and I keep forgetting to go there) and it seemed like they they were on life support this time I went in (maybe a week after that guy got stabbed there)

Anonymous said...

This place should turn into a restaurant that also serves drinks. The food is very, very good. The high-concept, high price fruit cocktails are pretty much undrinkable.