Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Y&H: French Fried at Shawafel


Young and Hungry test drives the signature french fry sandwich at Shawafel (1322 H Street).


Anonymous said...

i thought "signature dish" meant that a place created it themselves. sandwich patata is a common snack in lebanon.

dt said...

I would think their signature dish is the shawafel sandwich. Since, you know, it's their actual name (aka signature).

Said sandwich, BTW, is fantastic.

BB said...

"signature" when used as an adjective: serving to identify or distinguish a person, group, etc.

They are the only restaurant that I know of that offers a french fry sandwich in DC. I think it would qualify as a signature dish.

dt said...

Fair enough. If they become known for the french fry sandwich then I suppose that's how people will refer to them (ie, let's go to the french fry sandwich place!).

I think they're also the only place that serves a shawarma/falafel combo sandwich as well, so I'm going to continue to consider that their primary signature dish.

Regardless, their food is delicious and I'm glad they're in the neighborhood!