Thursday, October 13, 2011

GOG: Best Late Night Eats


The Going Out Gurus look at some of the metropolitan area's best late night eats. Taylor Gourmet (1116 H Street) and Dangerously Delicious Pies (1339 H Street) both make the list on H Street. I agree that both are good options, but the post also made me consider some of the other great late night dining options along the Corridor. Three solid picks for me are Shawafel (1322 H Street, open until 3am on weekends), the Capital City Diner (1050 Bladensburg Road, open 24 hours on weekends), and Marvelous Pizza (941 H Street, open very late). Where do you head to tackle your late night hunger pangs?


Trinidaddy said...

Shawafel is amazing - props to Alberto!!

dt said...

Depends... is it a weeknight? Unfortunately, there still aren't many places to go after 10pm (earlier than 10 is not "late night"). I think DDP is open until midnight, and some other places might have a bar menu, but that's about it.

Unfortunately, I will probably frequent the new Denny's a fair amount, when I come home late from work and (as usual) discover I have no food in my kitchen.

PS: What's the deal with the new Pho place? Any official word on when they're actually opening?

Chris said...

What about *real* late night? Is there anyplace to go anywhere in the District on a weekday in the 2-4am range?

Sadly, I sometimes get home from work at times like that; right now, all I know to do is drive to Virginia for kabobs.

monkeyrotica said...

There's a 24/7 Diner coming to the Yards, but it remains to be seen whether it will really be open those hours.

Chris said...


BTW, I ordered delivery from Lucky Carryout last night based on your Yelp review. It wasn't brilliant; but was as good as carryout/delivery Chinese in DC ever gets, so right now you're in my "nice" column. However, if I get sick later, you'll move to the "naughty" column.

Gonzo said...

Wait, am I drunk? Because if I am, I probably go to 7/11 for a jamaican beef patty or Crown Chicken for some, well, greasy fingers. But, I should put in a plug for Queen Vics pasties, which are amazing. Ditto Shawafel - they do good fries and great falafel. Any news on the taco joint? Also, what's up with the Frenchy place near Tru Orleans? There should be another burst of new places opening this winter, I presume.