Saturday, January 07, 2012

WP: Ward 5 Contenders

The Post's Mike DeBonis has a good list of the current/likely Ward 5 contenders.


Robby said...

Until we make reforms to the Charter, none of this will matter. We need term limits, an impeachment process, and reforms on ear-marks.

We need reform.

Handsome Sammy said...

Robby, I agree with you on everything except maybe term limits. Inked, can you repost to your election post from 2010? I think most of these folks are retreads from 2010. We didn't like them then and I suspect we won't grow to love them in the future.

The problem we have is that we live in a single party city. There isn't pressure on the party to vet these folks better. Sadly, the DC Republican party is tainted by association with the national party (and rightfully so) and has a lesser impact in the city than the Statehood Green Party.