Friday, April 20, 2012

Found: Jacket with Hearing Aid

A reader writes in with the following issue:

The DC United match this past Wednesday night at RFK was "College Night" and there were a number of Gallaudet students present. A coat was left behind that we think belonged to one of the Gallaudet
students; but there was no identifying information on the coat. In one of the pockets was a hearing aid. I sent an email yesterday morning to Gallaudet's PR/Community Relations address, but no one has responded.

I'm wondering if, in your time here, you've developed any other
contacts at Gallaudet that would be useful here. The hearing aid is
probably valuable and I'd like to get this back to its owner.


You've already taken the first step that I would recommend. Beyond that, maybe the owner is a reader and will see it here. Does anyone else have any good tips for Chris?


Anonymous said...

Maybe contact Lost and Found at RFK Stadium 202.587.5430. That would be the first place I would look.

Anonymous said...

You can bring the hearing aid to the Gallaudet speech and hearing clinic. Using the serial number, they can call the company and find the owner whether it is a Gally student or not. Hearing aids are very expensive especially for college students. It is nice of you to try and return the aid.

Anonymous said...

That is the website and has all the contact information. If a hearing aid is found on campus it goes there.

Anonymous said...

You might want to try making an announcement in the Daily Digest. It's an email that goes out to all students and staff daily. Just do a quick search on website.

Rayful Edmond said...

Capitol Hill "Oasis"

copper said...

Shots heard tonight 12:40 pm? Also, hear choppers and cops.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to this hearing aid. What?.....what???....what???

Kenny G said...

Interesting historical read on the Catherine Fuller case, which has come back into the news.

Community Relations said...

Thank you so much Chris for taking care of this jacket and hearing aid and reaching out to find the rightful owner! If he contacts, we can arrange getting the jacket to campus and then Gallaudet can search for its owner. Many thanks for this!