Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tony T. vs Solly at Jimmy Valentine's


Wouldn't you know it? Just hours after I throw up a post about the Pug's Tony T. djing at Jimmy Valentine's this Saturday he circulates this awesome flyer. I think all the necessary details are here, but you can get links/anything that's missing, from the original post.


the poo loves tony t! said...

tony for the win!!! the man embodies all that is and all that isn't... a superfly dj with kippers on top.

anyone wanna take bets?

H Vegas said...

Who says all the best stuff happens "on" H?

Shout out to Bladensburg!

Hondo said...

That is one sweet flier!

Dave B said...

Can't wait to see Deadpu6's dj mask

Anonymous said...

Is there anything Tony T doesn't do!?!

Anonymous said... at a real job