Saturday, November 03, 2012

Candidate Statement Tony Goodman ANC6C06

Each year I make space available on Frozen Tropics for ANC candidates who send me their candidate statements. The following is one of those:   Goodman 11-3-2012 6C06 Diagram
As the current ANC Commissioner for 6C04 (Near Northeast & NoMa) since 2011, I am dedicated to sustaining a neighborhood that respects the history of longtime residents while remaining inviting to newcomers.  I have worked to promote a safe and walkable community, create vibrant parks, and preserve the local heritage which makes our neighborhood a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

I have been a resident of Washington, DC for over 10 years, and here in Near Northeast/NoMa for five years with my wife and son.  I have a Masters Degree in Construction Engineering and work as a Project Manager for McKissack & McKissack, a DC-based construction company.

Balancing the positive and negative aspects of development is one of the most important issues in our neighborhood.  I have used my background to effectively evaluate proposed projects and negotiate with developers and the District to make sure that the needs of our community are met.

I have worked hard as our ANC Commissioner for the past year to reach out to as many neighbors as I can, while lobbying for increased city services and improved developments. Some of the issues I've worked on include:

Safe & Convenient Transportation
° Negotiated with developers for new bike racks and Capital Bikeshare stations
° Advocated for traffic calming on K Street & Florida Avenue
° Planned for new bicycle infrastucture on G, Eye, First & K Streets

New & Improved Parks
° Worked with MPD and others for improved oversight of the new Hayes Playground
° Designed a new dog run, potentially to be installed in early 2013
° Planned for new parks with NoMa BID, Gallaudet University, Tommy Wells & others

Encouraging Positive Development
° Monitored construction projects to ensure compliance with DC laws
° Assisted local restaurants to obtain licenses and services
° Coordinated with agencies & neighbors to increase oversight and enforcement of NoMa nightclubs

Note: 6C04 has been re-numbered to 6C06 due to redistricting, and the borders expanded to include blocks South of K (from 6C05) & between 7th & 8th (from 6A01).  For any questions, or for more information, please email or visit


Campy said...

Tony does a great job for the neighborhood and will be perfect in this large SMD which includes a wide variety of issues (near northeast, NoMa, and H Street).

George Orwell said...

Another guy with political ambition - just what this town needs!

poo said...

is he related to john?

Anonymous said...

I can't tell what is going on with these ANC6C boundaries anymore. Where is the new ANC6C SMD boundary map? The one on the website is unreadable. Hey self important small time politicos....fix the map! I met Goodman at a summertime outdoor movie at The Lorie Grand. He asked me where I will and then announced that I lived in "His Disctrict". Like I was his subject. Typical of these short powerless men who have little success in their personal and business lives. Do these people know that you are elected to represent us not lord over us? Well surprise I don't live in his boundary at least not that I can tell from the crumbiest map I have ever seen.

eck said...

The new (2013 & beyond) ANC maps are at The 6C map is

Anonymous said...

Where can I find who is running for what SMD in 2013?

eck said...

Here's the DC-wide list of ANC candidates:

Anonymous said...

Tony has never even responded to any of my or my neighbors' emails. I'm totally disappointed with him and definitely won't be voting for him.

Tony Goodman said...

@Anonymous 7:56

I'm very surprised to hear your complaint. What was the issue & when was the email sent? I always try to respond to every email as soon as I can, and have never failed to respond to an email in the year I've been an ANC Commissioner.

Anonymous said...

who is J. Omar Mahmud? Can you gather more information? I hope he lives up to the expectations of the neighborhood. Adam Healy will be missed.... :(

Tony Goodman said...

Omar has been the chair of the ANC 6A transportation committee for at least the last couple years. He will be an excellent ANC Commissioner (although you're right, Adam will be missed!).