Friday, November 02, 2012

ANC Candidate Statement Jaime Fearer ANC5D07

Each year I make space available on Frozen Tropics for ANC candidates who send me their candidate statements. The following is one of those:

What is the most important issue facing your neighborhood?
One of the most important issues facing Trinidad is actually multifaceted: How do we maintain housing affordability in a traditionally working- and middle-class neighborhood while encouraging economic development along our commercial corridors? These concerns are, of course, interwoven with concerns about crime and litter reduction, as well as expanded and top-notch educational and recreational opportunities for our intergenerational community. These concerns are not insurmountable; the results are not inevitable. Through community engagement and advocacy, as well as through proactive planning, we have and will continue to come together as neighbors to lift all boats.

What will you do to be an effective commissioner?
I will listen closely to all constituent concerns and will continue to keep residents informed about local activities, including neighborhood developments and events, while ensuring transparency for the whole ANC. I will empower my neighbors to receive the services they need by working with them to navigate the DC government. I’ll cut through red tape on their behalf, and I will speak up and out for them. Above all, I will respect and acknowledge the most valuable resources we share—the collective knowledge, wisdom, and experience of our neighbors.


On a personal note, I have known Jaime for several years. We first met in person on a tour of the Florida Market that I was co-leading with Richard Layman in 2006. I have no doubt that she would make an excellent ANC. She is a longtime resident of NE DC (and Ward 5), and has been very active in Trinidad, and the larger Ward 5 community. She's very hard working, and possesses the passion, experience, and knowledge necessary to move Trinidad forward.  Please consider voting for her as ANC5D07.


SustainableDC said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Fearer at a UMD Urban Studies and Planning Alumni meeting recently. Unfortunately I don't live within her ANC but I can recommend her! I think she would be a great voice for this community and is interested in improving the community for ALL residents. Her "Day job" as a community planner for the city of Greenbelt makes her a natural fit to do some good in her own neighborhood as well! She has already shown leadership in this neighborhood organizing community meetings and walking tours, this will bring her work to the next level.

Trinidaddy said...

Go Jaime! I'd vote for you in heartbeat but I'm in Tina's district. All the best to you - I hope you win!

Hmmm. said...

India Henderson is running for 5D03, while Kathy Henderson is running for 5D05? Apparently a portion of the boundary between 5D03 and 5D05 runs down L Street, and they've filed addresses with the BOEE that has them living across the street from each other.