Friday, February 08, 2013

East City Event Round Up

Weekend East City Event Round Up: The Virtual and the Concrete Edition

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Saturday February 9

Art Enables (1pm to 4pm)
roundup-02-08-13_featured Art Enables exhibition space Off Rhode Gallery will presents Splotch/Asterisk by Steve Loya.  Loya creates “Spotch Monsters” out of blotted ink and paint.  The public is invited to create their own from 2-3pm.  For more information about this event, click here.

Art Enables’ Off-Rhode Studio Gallery is located at 2204 Rhode Island Ave NE

DC Glassworks (3pm to 4pm)
You know you’ve always wanted to blow glass!  OK, maybe not but you’ve always wanted to see how glass objects are made.  Well, now is your chance.  DC Glassworks is hosting their first open house of 2013.  Enjoy food, music and the warmth of the glass furnaces while watching master craftsmen create beautiful work.  For more information about this event, click here.

DC Glassworks is located at 5346 46th Avenue, Hyattsville, MD

RandallScottProjects (5pm to 8pm)
Randall Scott presents his first exhibition Golden Cacti at his new permanent space on H Street NE.  To read Gail Vollrath's interview with Randall Scott click here.  In Golden Cacti Mason Saltarelli uses religious, tribal and even personal symbols in his work conversing with nature in an interactive manner.  For more information about this exhibition, click here.

RandallScottProjects is located at 1326 H Street NE, Second Floor.

CONNERSMITH (6pm to 8pm)
CONNERSMITH presents three concurrent exhibitions by Lincoln Schatz The Network, New Sculpture by Benjamin Kelley and Coble/Riley Projects Watermarks.  Schatz’s portraits of power caused a bit of a stir at the National Portrait Gallery in the fall of 2012 due to its controversial interpretation of power and politics.  For more information about all three exhibitions, click here.

CONNERSMITH is located at 1358 Florida Avenue, NE.

Industry Gallery (6pm to 9pm)
UK designer Tobias Klein presents The Invisible Human, a series of data imprints of the human body or “digitally sections” created by MRI scans and Virtual Sunset, a globally connected  "live" installation capturing the ephemerality of a paradoxically quotidian yet perpetual global event- the sunset.  For an in-depth interview with Klein, read Eric Hope's interview hereFor more information about the exhibition, click here.

INDUSTRY Gallery is located at 1358 Florida Avenue NE

Phil Hutinet is the Editor-in-Chief of East City Art.  You can get more information about East City Art on Facebook  by follow them on Twitter


Anonymous said...

Looks like something is happening in the parking lot catty corner to the Giant on 3rd and H. The area is now fenced off and there is a big white tent that has been constructed. Anyone know what's going on?

inked said...

I believe that is for the Capitol Place groundbreaking.