Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Celebrate the Queen Vic's Birthday & Help a Good Cause

The Queen Vic (1206 H Street) turns two tomorrow, and you can join the celebration from 9pm-12am. Admission is free, but if you fork over $20, you can drink Belhaven drafts all night and help out Sasha Bruce Youthwork (did you know they have a house on Maryland Ave?).


Annoyingmous said...

OT: The new Giant has put their new signs up. And apparently the folks they hired to do their new signs have, uh, spelling issues.

(when my gf showed this to me, I didn't see it at first)

Anonymous said...

in wylie street garden news:

Anonymous said...

OT: A couple months ago, PoP blogged about rumors of a Whole Foods on the 600 block of H. I dismissed the rumors as either pie in the sky or so far out in the horizon that it wasn't even worth discussing.

However, I keep hearing rumblings about a potential Whole Foods on H with a potential public meeting in the works and then heard that the daycare connected to Murray's has been asked to vacate this summer.

Still very skeptical about any imminent development on the North side of this block, but perhaps I'm out the loop. Would certainly love to see H St storage and Murray's redeveloped.

I'm assuming the development on the South side will still move forward this summer, but my recollection is that the ground floor retail is not large enough to accommodate a store of Whole Foods' size.

Anybody hearing news about activity on this block?

inked said...

I don't see Whole Foods coming over here anytime soon, but that's just me. Most of that block has been acquired by a single developer who has plans for a large mixed-use project on the site.

poo poo said...

never say never. i remember right before whole foods moved to p street. there used to be an auto garage nearby. i had to use them to get some work done on my car, and i wouldn't leave the waiting room for 3 hours because the neighborhood was so sketchy. we used to laugh and joke about how long whole foods would last at that location. turns out, they had a lot more foresight than we did...