Thursday, March 28, 2013

Shelter, A Temporary Art Installation on Wylie Street

You really need to watch this video with sound. Basically, it's the story of a local artist who wanted to transform the dormant (it's still early spring) Wylie Street Community Garden with a temporary art installation. According to the narrator,the lot was once an apartment building, and she felt inspired to create an installation referencing that shelter.


I wasn't sure at the time of posting, but I have since heard back from the artist (one Paige Byrne), and it sounds like she took it down on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

puff puff pass...


Poo poo said...

That's pretty cool. I'll have to pass by and see it in person. It's stuff like this that contributes to the vivacity and interest of our eclectic neighborhood. I commend the artist, and hope this isn't the last project.

Creativity wins again.

Friggin love it.

inked said...

Poo poo,
I also think it's pretty cool. Never heard that bit about Duke Ellington. Will have to ask around about it.

Unfortunately, I got a reply from the artist after I posted this, and it sounds like she took it down on Tuesday. At least we have the video.

fiveisl said...

It was fun to help my wife install this piece. We both agreed that we want to do another one soon!

Poo poo said...

See how your site contributes to the posterity of our little crook in the neck? Oops, I mean neck of the woods.

It's too late in the day for English. :-p

Thanks for making this an entry and not leaving it as a comment.

Inked 4 vs 0 "the rest"

Anonymous said...

The artist is very talented. I think its pretty amazing how artists take the Atlas District and create their own pallate of colors, diversity, projects and dreams. I wish more artists would be able to make the area more artsy but capitalism seems to push them out. It seems only bars, resturants, or some new concept club get all the press. Frozen Tropics is a wonderful blog and highlights the areas strength. While I love living in the area (8 years plus), I regret that the area has turned to a bar district. Hopefully this article encourages more artists to expand their dreams.

Tom A. said...

beautiful! Next stop... The Starburst Intersection! Maybe something artistic can be done with the piles of empty beer cans and bottles after the never ending "party" that seems to happen there.

inked said...

Thanks for the kind words guys. By the way, Trinidad's Art in the Alley is happening again Saturday May 11th, and I think it would be really cool to have an installation piece this year. Artists of all sorts are welcome to participate. Live performers are welcome. Our normal live painter will be out of the country.

paigepb said...

Would love to participate for the installation piece!

inked said...


Sign up here.

paigepb said...

Thank you for link to participate on May 11th. My recent project is "Big Nest" in Wylie Community Garden:

Would love to discuss any thoughts for alley art that would be possible in the space or we can just arrive with supplies!

Thank you, Paige