Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Who is Open Today

Archive photo from 2006

It doesn't look that bad to me yet, but might get worse as the day wears on. Here's a list of places that have confirmed that they will be open during the day today:

H Street
Argonaut (opening early at 11am)
Atlas Vet
Batter Bowl Bakery
Boundary Road
The Daily Rider
Hikari Sushi
Metro Mutts
The Pug (Opening at 1pm, and Young & Hungry reports they are taking a dollar off your drink for every six inches of snow)
Steak and Ice
Taylor Gourmet

Union Market (other vendors are likely open, but I only inquired with places I know serve lunch)
Peregrine Espresso
Red Apron Butchery (opening a little late with skeleton staff)

Off the main strip
Chinitos Burritos

Despite some announcements on Twitter, H Street Coffeehouse and Cafe will not be open today. Rock & Roll Hotel reports the cancellation of its Ex-Cops show tonight. HR-57 will be closed tonight, but will reopen tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Murry's was open too.