Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Do You Know This Dog?

photo (3)
A reader found this dog wandering the alleys of Trinidad. He/she has a collar, but no tags, and is sporting a red t-shirt. Email nhayes25[at] for details.


Liz G. said...

Super cutie! I hope he finds his owner!

stphanne said...

He may be microchipped, might be worth taking him to a local vet or the humane society to be scanned.

Tom A. said...

NEVER keep a found dog at home. Call 311 and they will help reunite the dog and its humans. If someone loses their dog, the first thing they will do is call 311- they won't look on blogs hoping to find a post about it.

inked said...

I think it's actually fine to keep a found pet at your house. But you should do two things:

1. Take it someplace where they can scan for a microchip.
2. File a report with the Humane Society.

The easiest way to achieve both goals is probably to take the animal to the humane society shelter (bk they will want to photograph the animal for their website), but it does NOT need to stay there. Any animal that does stay there more than five days becomes the property of the shelter.

pat said...

Toby the cat thinks the people got a cat
and sene dog packing