Sunday, July 14, 2013

Funeral & Repast for Michael Kingsbury

The funeral service for Michael Kingsbury will be held  July 19th, at Bethesda Baptist Church (1808 Capitol Ave. NE [near West Virginia and Mount Olivet Rd]). Viewing is at 9:30am, with the service at 11am. Michael will be buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Suitland, MD. Following the burial, a repast will be held at Trinidad Recreation Center (1310 Childress Street). Contributions to the family may be made to Marchim Williams in the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Engagement (202) 340-7141.


Anonymous said...

What was going on over at 5th and I, NE yesterday? Street closed? Fire tucks?

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:42
There was a fire in the house on that corner. Neighbors said it was an electrical fire. Substantial damage to the house and the one next door but nobody was hurt.