Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bardo to Run Shuttle Bus to & From H Street Festival

Photo from Bardo's Facebook page

Starting at 1:30pm on Saturday you can catch the "Cool Bus" from the Starburst area (15th & H) to Bardo (1200 Bladensburg Road). The shuttle bus will run both ways, so no worries about getting stranded. The bus will run every 10-15 minutes throughout the duration of the Festival.

For those who haven't been, Bardo is an entirely outdoor brew pub. They have a nice selection of craft brews on draft. They do not serve food, but they have a ton of menus for places nearby that will deliver to Bardo. Dogs are welcome, as are kids (before 8pm). There is room for about 500 patrons. Also, they have cornhole, and show movies at night.


poo said...

i saw the "cool bus" parked out front over the weekend, and was wondering what was up. good idea. i just hope they advertise it properly, so that people will know that it's a free ride to a wicked cool pub...

woof said...

does bardo allow you to bring in your dog?

Tom A. said...

woof, are you a canine? if so, arf arf woof woof arf.

If human, read these words "dogs are welcome."

This is a great idea- but is the Cool Bus cool enough to accept dogs on it?

Anonymous said...

@woof I'm going to assume this is snark, as practically every tweet Bardo makes mentions how dog friendly they are (to the point of parody).

Alan Page said...

PopVille had two H Street related stories this morning: good news (if you or friends drink) Ben's Chili Bowl is applying for a liquor license; bad news: carjacking at 1300 block of H at 9:30am

From @DCPoliceDept:


Alan Page said...

Also, Jair Lynch plans to break ground this fall on a 307-unit residential development on the 600 block of H Street. Delivery in 2015

woof said...

anon 2:17-
1-it wasnt snark
2-dont assume
3-what is a tweet?
4-thanks for the info?