Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Far East Taco Grille Opens Today

A photo from their Facebook page 

 It's a tad bit south of us, but the food truck Far East Taco Grille opens its brick and mortar today at 409 15th Street. 11am -9pm Mon-Fri, but closed from 4-5pm. They hope to add Saturday hours soon. Carryout only for now.  (202) 601-4346. Their website is still under construction, but you can follow them on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

WHAT?! This is huge news! I thought they would never open!

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy for more stuff opening and hope they do well, but seriously, another taco place? How many is that now?

Anonymous said...

Only Mon-Fri??? Don't they realize it's a residential area and they'll do much more business on the weekends?

E in Rosedale said...

I stopped by and tried it. Food is awesome! Try the tacos with tofu. they're surprisingly good. Also got a 'bowl' which was great.

Excellent addition to the neighborhood, and don't forget, Millie's Market is now open across the street.

Rosedale Resident said...

We ate there last night - it was really great, the people were very nice, and we'll undoubtedly return. We got six tacos and had them pick the toppings (with pork and chicken), a good choice for a first visit when we weren't quite sure what to try. Now we have some favorites in mind for our next visit!