Saturday, September 21, 2013

Found Dog


A reader writes in with the following:

This dog was found this evening (9/20) around 7 PM near Eliot Hines Middle School. I think she is a Lhasa Apsa mix because of the underbite.  She is very sweet, collar but no tag.  She was a little dirty and pretty thin, but seems to have been groomed recently.  I will take her to the vet in the morning to see if she is microchipped. 

If anyone recognizes her, please email me at katherineowright at


Anonymous said...

He looks delicious.

alizadk said...

There was a woman looking for someone else a couple weeks ago looking for a small dog (named Lilly, IIRC). I ran into my neighbor who's taking care of this dog last night. I hope she finds her owner! (And, as a PSA, please microchip your pets!)

Anonymous said...

The fellas who run the Major's TakeOut,
I'm sure they lost a dog. Just swing by and
ask them.....

Anonymous said...

Your racism is old and tired. Give it a rest already.