Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Peek Inside Da Luft

Da Luft (1242 H Street) had their soft opening at yesterday's H Street Festival. Here's what you'll find inside:
First floor
Second floor
The menu
Second floor
The view from the second floor window DSC_0206
Second floor bar
First floor
Da Luft from the outside


grr said...

looks nice enough.
better than an empty building.
probably will never go.
oh well.
though in all fairness i'm probably not in their target demographic

inked said...

To be honest, I'm not really sure what demographic they are targeting. It looks to be 20-40 somethings. When I was in the had a mix of ages/races. The staff was super friendly. It definitely isn't the seafood restaurant they first promised, but it looked like a decent place. For those looking to prejudge, I will remind people that many rushed to judgement about Smith Commons. Some people freaked out because they had a bar on every floor, and labeled Smith Commons a club. It's clearly a restaurant, and a well run one at that.

Da Luft does look more like a bar/club, but as long as it is well managed, I don't have an issue with that. I think they made a poor choice with their initial website, but they now just have a splash page up. That tells me they recognized the issue, and are dealing with it. Give them a chance.

grr said...

yeah that website.. yikes. really bad 1st impression. Though AVA had a terrible marketing campaign initially, and that place seems alright now. Though if they lost the neon green parts, i'd be ok with that.

Chris in Eckington said...

So, whatever happened to Newsom? They ahd their soft opening at last year's H Street Festival and it's still not open.

Wille Lump Lump said...

I think at this place, I could have a wonderful experience everytime.

Anonymous said...

Da Luft looks big from the outside but small from the inside. Seems like they spent lots of money to have a tiny club or a really tiny place to eat. I think they fancy themselves a club because I saw a VIP area behind a "velvet rope". I fear that this idea is will not help them as they put the VIP area right next to the entrance. That's like eating a $100 steak at a table next to the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

"I fear that this idea is will not help them as they put the VIP area right next to the entrance. That's like eating a $100 steak at a table next to the bathroom."

Remember that the idea of a VIP area is to be seen -- nobody wants to be in the back of da luft.

Anonymous said...

Taking bets as to when the first FT post appears about some fight or stabbing that takes place here. VIP rope and Catfish baskets? Yeah.

HillHound528 said...

I took a quick peek inside Monday looks much better than the pics. I for one, can not wait to have an additional option on H Street.

The last thing we need is a series of themed bars all catering to the same demographic...