Saturday, October 12, 2013

MPD Makes Important Arrest

Press release:

Significant Arrest Made by Members of the Fifth Police District

On Thursday, October 10, 2013, the Fifth District received a call for a man armed with a gun in the at 1800 block of E Street, Northeast.  Officers Helen Andrews and Michael Smith were the first officers to arrive on the scene and quickly advised that the armed individual was a known subject by the name of Kevin Day.  Officers Smith and Andrews collected a detailed physical description and broadcast that vital information to canvassing police units.

Officers Bryan Wymbs, Shannon Sweeney and Melvin Washington were familiar with Kevin Day and knew that he was known to frequent the 1900 block of Bennett Place, Northeast.  Sergeant Duncan Bedlion monitored this priority call for service and responded as the Incident Commander, coordinating communications and investigative actions.

Officers Wymbs, Sweeney and Washington responded to that block and located Day who was stopped and positively identified as the same subject that pointed a silver handgun in the Complainant’s face and threatened his life.

While simultaneously ensuring that they maintained a safe scene, Officers Wymbs, Sweeney and Washington initiated contact with a homeowner who consented to a search of a dwelling.  A short time later, Officer Washington located a fully loaded silver revolver in the upstairs bathroom.

Sergeant Bedlion and these Officers assigned to the Fifth Police District's Patrol Service Area 507 worked as team, deftly coordinating with each other to bring Kevin Day to justice.  Due to their extensive beat knowledge and investigative skills they were able to quickly apprehend a dangerous felon that had been armed with a fully loaded handgun.

It is with great pride that we recognize Sergeant Duncan Bedlion, Officers Helen Andrews, Michael Smith, Bryan Wymbs, Shannon Sweeney and Melvin Washington for their excellent team work and relentless follow up in investigating criminal offenses in our Community.

Mark Beach
Assistant Patrol District Commander


K on K Street said...

What's going on at the RI Home Depot? 10 cop cars, 8-10 Mobile police units, motorcycle cops.... all over parking lot and at Giant too.

Tom A. said...

great news!! Is he back on the streets yet- or will that happen Monday?

pat said...

well, i wonder if the NRA will argue that he was using his 2nd amendment rights.

Tom said...

Pat, he NRA does not support or advocate using a firearm to rob someone. Just like Planned Parenthood doesn't advocate using abortion to kill the mother. But you know this. You're just a liberal who doesn't like guns.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ fighting words!

pat said...


A man was out waving a gun around at people, do you think it would help to have a second man go out and wave his gun at the first man?

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with not liking guns. We're not exactly living in a hunter-gatherer society. I agree with Pat on this frozen food fight.

Anonymous said...

@Tom -- Yeah, the NRA just supports everyone having unimpeded access to handguns, military assault rifles, etc. with no background checks or regulations whatsoever. Better to be a gun hating liberal than a gun loving a-hole conservative.