Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lost Dog: Lottie (Corgi Mix) [UPDATE: She's Home Safe]

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A reader writes in seeking help in locating her lost dog.

Lottie was out for a walk when she ran away. She is wearing a pink harness which still had her pink rope leash attached. She is new to us from a rescue group, so she is probably very scared. 

She was at 13th and G NE making her way towards 12th and Maryland. Possibly seen heading south on 10th Street. 

She LOVES cat food and is great with women, but men scare her. Please call 856-693-3289 or email me at lottiethelostdog[at] if you think you see her. 

Share this where ever you can! We want to bring Lottie home. 

Frantic (new) dog mom, Kyra


Please continue to look for Lottie. She was spotted on Gallaudet's campus this afternoon, and again later on 10th Street between I & G Streets.


She's home safe.


Anonymous said...

She looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me this stupid comment is from you, Mr. Body Grease.

Liz P. said...

She's been found: