Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Local News Round Up

Pizza from Red Rocks

The Washington Post celebrates the oddness that is the X2 bus. In case you haven't heard, a woman actually into labor on the X2 the other morning. More on that from the Washington City Paper.

WTOP discusses the recent streetcar testing.

The blogger at the Vicar of H Street muses about the future of the congregation of the Church of Saint John Church of God.

Elevation DC covers the new playground coming to Sherwood Rec (640 10th Street).

The Washington Post mentions two local CrossFit businesses.

Arts & Entertainment

The Washington Post and the Maryland Theatre Guide write up Rorschach Theatre's Glassheart (a darker modern day retelling of Beauty & the Beast) at the Atlas Performing Arts Center (1333 H Street).

Food & Drink

District Cuisine has a full rundown of all the new places that opened this year, and everything known to be in the pipeline.

What Mickey Eats, and Best Thing on the Menu has a write up of Toki Underground (2nd floor of 1234 H Street).

WHQR discusses the food, and the mission of Inspire BBQ (650 H Street).

The Pursuit of Happy Hour praises the fare at Red Rocks (1348 H Street).


Annoyingmous said...

Impala is the Duke Nukem Forever of restaurants. We're on four years now? Only 11 more to go.

Eric P. said...

Red rocks' 50% pizza deal on Tuesday is such a great deal. If you get there before 7PM (I think) and sit at the bar you get a dollar off draft beer for Happy Hour.