Sunday, February 02, 2014

Vendetta to Host H Street's First ASL Trivia Night

ASL Trivia Image

Vendetta (1212 H Street) is hosting H Street's first bilingual (spoken English, and ASL). Check it out next Monday.


Anonymous said...

Murry's -

Anonymous said...


MJ said...

Out of curiosity, does anyone here know how ASL trivia works? Do they put the questions on an overhead and just have the teams write answers & submit them at the end? You could probably do some unique questions pertaining to signing and/or lip-reading.

inked said...

I believe they will have someone signing the questions as they are read.

Anonymous said...

Not to threadjack, but regarding the link anon 8:24 posted, what does this mean? Isn't Murry's supposed to be closing soon anyway? If Whole Foods is really going to be delivered in 2016 I don't see how they can wait much longer to start construction.

inked said...

It's a temporary shutdown. You can read more about the health inspections here