Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Inaugural H Street/NoMa/Trinidad Gayborhood Watch Meeting


My Google alerts sent me a notice for a social event called the H Street/NoMa/Trinidad Gayborhood Watch to be held at the H Street Country Club (1335 H Street). Full announcement after the jump.
Join us for the first ever H Street/NoMa/Trinidad Gayborhood Watch at H Street Country Club! Get to know your fellow gaybors, play a round of mini-golf or shuffleboard, and learn about neighborhood initiatives. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink specials will be available.

Drink Specials (until 9pm):
$3 Miller Lite
$3 Dos Equis Beer
$5 House Margaritas
$5 "Pimmps Cup" (after 9pm)

Thursday, July 24 2014 6:30pm


Anonymous said...

So, what time is this? Always missing the details here....

inked said...

As noted in the post, it starts at 6:30pm.

Anonymous said...

If there's anything gays like it's bottom-dollar Miller Lite and Dos Equis.

Anonymous said...

Is this a singles event? Otherwise, I don't get why it specifies gay neighbors. Can't we all hang out? I like shuffleboard :(

Anonymous said...

Hmm is there anything for the gays that act like adults.

-Robby AKA Uncle T.

Anonymous said...

Uncle T,
What is not acting like an adult in learning about neighborhood initiatives? Is it the setting where you can share a beverage, with or without alcohol, and move around instead of sitting in a community center room somewhere (of course in chairs lined up and all facing forward while someone up front drones on about a particular subject)? If you don't want to participate, just don't go. No need to always be negative when 1) others take initiative to plan events open to the public and 2) a free information service is provided to the larger community by a blogger.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1834:

Thank you for you reducing years of my life to droning. I am sure I should have instead been playing miniature golf. I mean f trying to do some good in my neighborhood. F that right? Being real isn't being negative. Why not an even not at a damn theme bar. Why not just someplace adult like smith commons etc. Someplace I could go w/o needing to play games. It's bad enough almost ten years of my life is reduced to droning, now to be gay I have to play golf and drink bad margaritas.

BTW thanks again for the insults. If I didn't feel bad enough you now and FT again really know how to b*tchslap someone.

Robby AKA Unlcle T.

Anonymous said...

I'll be there tonight. Thanks to the organizers. :)

SheDynasty said...

came here for trolling, rants and insults, did not leave disappointed! Thanks FT!

Anonymous said...

Quick poll.. How many of you check comments incessantly just to see how Robby's keeping it real (crazy)?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1044:

I've learned over the last few weeks to take insults and betrayal with a grain of salt. I'm not crazy. I've paid a price for loyalty and for believing in the greater light and good in people. Trinidad DC have lifted the veil on that, and FT just is a place with people show their tails. Both are okay, because frankly call me crazy, call me what ever you'd like. Really, it's like water running down a ducks back.

Tupac Shakur said...

isss jusss me against the wooorrrlldd...(mee aggaiinnsstt thee worrrllddd) - 2pac

Anonymous said...

12:40:00 Funny. When you've had a quarter like I've had, well let's just say you take things in stride and you watch your back. I've learned this the hard way, people will betray you. People will show their true colors, and people will, without hesitation or warning attack you. A lot of my issues this quarter centered on principle. I was discounted a lot because I believed in doing what was right, and I was sidelined because I executed a mission. I was attacked by most sides and so no it's not me against the world. I was a good exposure of remembering my place in the jigsaw puzzle. There is no doubt I was an easy target because of my race and sexual orientation. My favorite insult was being called a Coy B*tch. It's funny when people really show themselves. Others showed their integrity or lack their of. Trading their obligations for the chance of gain.

2Pac died and was broke because he didn't understand the game. Some of the partners I had in the civic work I do simply sold out or turned on me. Some for personal gain, others because of race, and other's because they simply didn't like that I dared to have a difference of opinion. In the end, however, It tis what it tis. Everything is Everything. And yes nothing is nothing.

“But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.” (Robert Frost - Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening)

Robby AKA Uncle T

h st ll said...

Robby I agree with you occasionally but why take it so seriously. People may be trolling you, and they may not even live in the neighborhood. You keep saying anonymous comments here reflect poorly on the nhood but who knows they may live in VA or MD or CA.

Plus they wouldn't say this stuff in person. Don't sweat it, enjoy your neighbors who I'm sure are cool. Sorry you got called a coy bitch, though. By who?