Friday, July 18, 2014

Micho's Now Serving Lebanese Fare on the West End

Photo by Alan Page

Micho's (500 H Street) is finally up and running. Early reviews (from those who tried it during a friends and family happening) are positive. The menu is similar to the one available at Shawafel (1322 H Street), with one very notable difference. Micho's serves alcohol (in the form of margaritas, sangria, and bottled or draft beer). Here's the full menu courtesy of our friends over at District Cuisine. Expect both lunch and dinner hours once they get settled (I'm unclear on whether they might have different hours early on as that is quite common). Want to see the inside? Head over to District Cuisine for some pics taken pre-opening. Hat tip to Mark for the heads up on the opening.


Anonymous said...

So, is it open or not? Hard to tell from this meandering post.

Annoyingmous said...

Anon 11:06am -- "Hard to tell"? The very first sentence said "Micho's (500 H Street) is finally up and running."

Maybe reading is not for you?

Anonymous said...

yes, they are open. went there this weekend. good customer service. would have liked bigger portions, but it's a good fast casual option on the west side.

Sarah said...

Went on Friday night and was really impressed. I thought the wrap portion size was plenty big enough and it was stuffed with meat -- not just filler. We chatted with the owner briefly and he gave us a free soda, so nice! Will definitely go back again, really glad to have another fast-casual option on this side of H.

Anonymous said...

i got 3 pieces of fallafel in my bowl

Anonymous said...

Do they have rotisserie chickens?

Karam an amazing schwarma place in Brooklyn always had hot greasy schwarma and rotisserie chicken, but they had plenty of foot traffic so the food never laid around.

Anonymous said...

I could see how someone would be confused by the sentence that says they don't know if they will have lunch or dinner. Is this a breakfast place?

inked said...

There's no sentence that says the author (me) doesn't know if Micho's will have lunch or dinner. The post says the place will be open for both lunch and dinner, but makes it clear the author doesn't know if the place will be operating on a full schedule during the first weekend.

Anonymous said...

8 ounce draft beer?

Shelly said...

La la la la la la la la-banese cuisine at its finest!!!!!

I had just returned from the Levant (a fabulous trip to attend a gala in honor of Jordan’s Queen Noor - we were classmates at the National Cathedral School, although she is a few years older than me (shhh…!!!!)), when I stumbled upon this delightful little Middle Eastern Treasure.

Although not a true mezze, we pretended, my dining companion ordered the kabob and I had the meat wrap splitting them into smaller portions. The kabob was a little on the dry side while the meat wrap was delicious and included three kinds of meat. This place could SCWARMA me all day and night!

We were able to enjoy the fabulous patio, and my faithful canine companion, the cutest little Yorkie you’d ever see, was also able to imbibe in some delicious bottled water provided by the staff. Many neighbors stopped by while we held court, some with their pooches as well!

The only thing that this place was missing was some true Lebanese dessert offerings. I’d suggest starting with Amar el Din made from dried apricot, fresh fruits, and pistachio.

I give this place a three out of give Shelly stars.


Anonymous said...

Went today. Solid