Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Cleaning Up Kingsman Dog Park


A heads up for local dog owners:

Hill Hounds, the 100% volunteer-run non-profit partner of Kingsman Dog Park, is hosting #POOSDAY next week on August 12!

Kingsman Dog Park
On D St NE in between 13th NE and Tennessee NE
5pm on Tuesday, August 12th

#POOSDAY is Kingsman Dog Park's monthly clean-up day, and it's held on the second Tuesday of every month. As a community run dog park, it's a way for dog-owners to help improve an awesome place that we can legally take our dogs off-leash in the city.

Here's what ya'll need to know:
We'll be spraying an animal-friendly disinfectant used in vet clinics.
It would be helpful to have help spraying the park as it takes a long time.

We'll be re-distributing the gravel so it covers the lot better.
If you have a metal rake, or push broom it would be really helpful.

We want to try to cut back some of the vines and weeds that are growing along the fences.
If you have clippers or garden sheers, these would be handy.

Kingsman Field Dog Park will be closed to anybody unable to help out
We want to try to limit the dog population so we can open gates freely and not worry about watching the dogs.

When we spray the park down, volunteer dogs will need to vacate the immediate area or be leashed so it can work its glorious magic for about 10 minutes.

If you can donate used garden tools to Hill Hounds, we would greatly appreciate it! Right now we are in need of rakes and push brooms, but we will also need some contractor bags as well!

If you can give us a hand, we would really appreciate your help!


Facebook: hillhoundsdc


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, why should the community help spruce up community spaces? They should just magically be perfect, without even paying taxes! Where I came from, we never did community clean-up events, and everything was PERFECT.

Seriously, if you don't use the dog park, then feel free to skip, but the attitude up there ^ is disgusting and juvenile.

Anonymous said...

If you pigs cleaned up after your animals this wouldn't be a problem.

Anonymous said...

First, most owners do pick up their dogs' messes at Kingsman.

Second, why is the city not responsible for taking care of the grass, if it is indeed a public health concern?

Third, I would much rather donate $50 or so to employ someone local to do this, and I have spoken with a number of other people who agree with me. I am sorry, but I don't feel like digging through parasite-infested dog crap to pull grass from the park.

I sincerely appreciate the effort of this group, but just request donations and hire someone to do the job.