Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Business Replaces Heaven & H: Punto De Encuentro

photo (1)

More changes to come for 701 H St. We reported earlier on how Heaven & H took the place of Grace's Deli, whose owner was tragically murdered by a robber. Heaven & H closed several months ago and a new business will be opening soon named Punto De Encuentro (which translates roughly to "areas of common ground"). The Washington Business Journal ran an article in late July saying that 701 H would be christened The Spot Deli, but the name of the establishment apparently has changed (although there is some overlap between the two concepts, since the same article outlined the initial expectation that The Spot Deli would spotlight "Latin fare such as pupusas, tamales and burritos"). Punto De Encuentro will feature breakfast sandwiches, other sandwiches, and Latin fare. More info to come on this new establishment as we get it.


Anonymous said...

The sign in the picture says "the spot deli" in the Lower left corner.

Anonymous said...

"Meeting point" is probably more the translation here.

Anonymous said...

lol. areas of common ground?