Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Local News Round Up

The Apollo site as it appeared in 2012

The Washington Business Journal has the latest renderings and info on the Apollo project (north side of the 600 block of H Street) which will boast apartments, and a Whole Foods.

Urban Turf covers real estate pricing news in Trinidad.

Krampusnacht is months away but the organizers have plans to expand the celebration this year. They are promising a kids fair, Krampus reception, Krampus procession, and a Krampus ball.

The Washington Post profiles Bardawg the resident canine at Bardo Brew Pub (1200 Bladensburg Road).


Anonymous said...

yay scary hipster christmas!

Annoyingmous said...

Oh good lord.

Anonymoose said...

Good news about the Apollo Project. Vida, the gym chain, recently announced they were taking a pass on building a gym in the Apollo development because of the "Yoga Tax". Too bad as it would have been a good addition to this project and the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that a person paying $100 monthly for a membership is going to balk at paying $105? I think Vida has other issues, and it will be a good thing for H Street and the Apollo that Vida is taking a pass.

Anonymous said...

What will happen to Blair shelter? Is it's redevelopment inevitable?

Anonymous said...

Blair Shelter won't be redeveloped as part of this project, but I imagine the time at the present location is limited. I don't know who owns the land and building, but they're sitting a large sum of money. If whoever owns it sells, they could move the shelter to another space and expand it to provide services for more people.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Who cares if an overpriced gym doesn't come to H Street. The sense of entitlement of the folks lobbying against the yoga tax at the Wilson Building was awful!

landed gentry said...

That rendering makes no sense. Blair is missing and it make the Appolo seem like it extendfs all the way to I st.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointed by the Vida news. If you think they are too expensive, you can head to WSC in Cap Hill. Comparing the two chains, Vida is a lot nicer and worth the dough. I hope they can snag a decent gym chain.

Anyone know when the demo will begin?