Monday, December 01, 2014

A Fall Dinner at DC Harvest

The Harvest Moon cocktail

I recently enjoyed a dinner at the newly opened (September) DC Harvest (517 H Street). This was not my first time dining there, and based on my experiences it's certainly a place I'd recommend for a nice dinner out along the Corridor. The interior is welcoming, with soft lights (but not so dim you would struggle to read the menu), and a modest noise level. It could probably serve equally well for a dinner date or a nice cocktail/happy hour with a friend or two. I should note that I have seen families with young children enjoy dinner there, and point out that DC Harvest has both highchairs and a kids' menu. Regarding that kids' menu, think pasta/steak/turkey breast with seasonal veggies or fingering potatoes instead of the usual kids' burger or chicken fingers. They will even serve mocktails to make the evening seem extra festive.

I started my evening with the Harvest Moon (Bulleit Rye, jalapeno, mint, and lemon), which I found well balanced and would order again.
Prince Edward Island mussels make an appearance on DC Harvest's appetizer menu

I shared two appetizers with my dining companion, and the first of these was the PEI (Prince Edward Island) mussels cooked with Atlas Brew Works' District Common, kale, garlic, and a creole mustard. The mussels were well executed and I definitely used all of my bread to soak up the remaining broth.DSC_0076
Beet salad

Next we tried the roast beet salad with olives, parsley, fried chickpeas, and sheep's milk cheese. We both really enjoyed this dish and my picture doesn't quite do it justice.

Grilled swordfish

I ordered the grilled swordfish with roasted carrots, kale, and roasted almond romesco. My fish came out cooked perfectly and paired well with the vegetables.

Fall vegetable slaw

For a side dish we selected the fall vegetable slaw which brought a pleasant crunch to the table.

Harvest negroni

My second drink of the evening was the harvest negroni with local Green Hat gin and Don Ciccio Amaro, as well as sweet vermouth. This was my favorite cocktail of the two I tried that night and I highly recommend it to anyone who at all likes drinks with a liquorice note.

Crispy quinoa cakes

My dinner companion ordered the crispy quinoa cakes with mustard greens, celery root, butternut squash purée, and chèvre. Though this dish is entirely vegetarian, it should not be over-looked even by devout carnivores. It's the second time I've sampled it, and it's been outstanding both times, with a really great texture and flavor.

Honey walnut tart

For dessert we had the honey walnut tart with thyme, fromage blanc, and seasonal fruit. This is the perfect after dinner treat for those who find many desserts a touch too sweet. We had a hard time choosing between the honey walnut tart and the concord grape semifreddo with butterscotch cookies (pictured below).

Concord grape semifreddo with butterscotch cookies

Appetizers range from $7-14, entrées from $18-25, and desserts from $4-8. DC Harvest also offers a set menu of dishes offered only certain nights of the week (Old Bay fried chicken Mondays and Tuesdays, smoked braised brisket Wednesdays and Thursdays, herb roasted pork belly Fridays and Saturdays, and whole wheat pappardelle Sundays). They are open for dinner and drinks 5pm-11pm Sunday-Thursday and 5pm-2am Friday and Saturday. Brunch is served 11am-2:30pm every Saturday and Sunday (they have a kids' brunch menu).

DC Harvest also offers a special (bar only) menu for happy hour (5-7pm daily and 11pm-1am Fridays and Saturdays). Here's the happy hour menu:

Chef Arthur’s Bloody Mary oyster shooter | green hat gin ($4); Old Bay dusted popcorn ($2); arugula salad | grilled radicchio | kamut | roasted carrots | quinoa | verjus vinaigrette ($4); lamb sausage sliders | tomato jam | potato roll ($3); Chef Arthur’s home-smoked nuts | almonds | pistachio | walnuts ($3); Cheese--choice of sheep, goat, or bleu  ($4).

From the bar, which includes beers, wines and spirits, all draft beers, are $5, including Starr Hill Pilsner, VA; DC Brau “El Hefe Speaks”, DC;  Atlas “District Common”, DC; Flying Dog “The Truth” Imperial IPA, MD;  Port City Monumental IPA, VA; and Three Stars Peppercorn Saison, DC.  Cans of Natty Boh are $3.  Wines by the glass are $5 and include Cline Syrah & Pedroncelli Sauvignon Blanc.  Cocktail specials are the Harvest Rickey (Green Hat Gin / Lime Juice / Club Soda) and the New Fangled (Catoctin Creek Rye / Orange / Grapefruit bitters / Pineapple Juice) at $6.  The Happy Hour menu is available at the bar only.


Anonymous said...

look at this..

if this happens, i'm selling my house.

Anonymous said...

why not just call it "Bitch Set Me Up" Blvd

Anonymous said...

if the name of h st or benning rd changes, we riot

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt the city is going to change the name of H St (DC is set up alphabetically for a reason), even if they reach the goal of 8,000 idiots to sign this thing.

If they did though, I like the ring of "Bitch Set Me Up" Blvd.

Anonymous said...

Thought the portions were way too meager for the price, almost insulting...but that was when they first opened. Wonder if they've improved :/The food was tasty.

Anonymous said...

I am skeptical and would believe above about portion sizes. Do you think they were small or tiny? (would just 1 entree fill up a grown man)

inked said...

I think you would probably also want an appetizer.

Tom said...

I know Inked has denied this in the past, but this surely looks like a paid post for DC Harvest. I mean, think about it. This is a very long post, tons of pics, and Inked isn't exactly a food blogger either. Just a little fishy if you ask me.

inked said...

It's not a paid post. It's a replacement post for the one I had planned to write (and expressed that intent to the owner) when they first opened. Unfortunately, I had an issue with my first set of photos and I got too busy to write that first one. I also tacked on the info (but not the press release) about their new happy hour and late night menu (something the owner told me about, and that he sent me a copy of when I requested it).

Do you you read my Hillrag column? Because aside from the multiple photos of the dishes I ate, this pretty much follows the exact formula I use for writing about new restaurants. So photos of my food, column formula, and new menu do add up to a longer than normal post. Expect the same sort of long post post-Krampusnacht. BTW, I'm a sponsor for Krampusnacht on H Street this year (meaning I donated a couple of prize items), so that long post won't be a paid post either.

Ann said...

I find this type of post really helpful. I've even been to DC Harvest, but I especially like seeing the pictures of all the different dishes that I might not have tried (I'm often surprised how often Yelp can have 50+ unhelpful pictures).

Anonymous said...

Inked, don't feed the BS of Tom. Even if there was an incentive to write the post, I find it informative. And, this is your blog. We just appreciate and follow it. So, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Tom is a sad, sad creature who needs to get a life instead of trolling an internet blog.

Thanks for your work Inked. It is appreciated by most.

inked said...

I don't think we need to get personal about it. Tom's kicked around H St for quite a fee years now. I know him well enough to know he has a bit of a conspiracy theorist streak running through him. I do not take it personally.

inked said...

Few, not fee. And by kicked around, I mean lived and played nearby.

poo poo said...

i'm also one of those that appreciates the food pictures.

thanks, inked!

(you may want to include a "subject to change" thing next to their address - it looks like they may be at 517 MARION BARRY BLVD!)

Anonymous said...

It's like Shelly wrote this post ....just as obnoxious without a yorkie quip.

Anonymous said...

One of my least favorite places on H. Small portions that are not priced accordingly, cocktails were just OK, pasta was tough/dry, decor was a little depressing, and why black plates? Service was fine.

Wanted to be a fan since they announced it coming to H, but too many issues and better places to go.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought DC harvest was actually really good. I ate at Driftwood the same week and it was the most horrifying meal I've ever had. Actually had to get up and walk out when they brought the apps and entree at the same time after having told the waiter "I'm sure you know this but don't bring the apps and entrees at the se time." But it was the type of place where you could tell it was going to happen after the 45 minute wait for a cocktail.

Tom said...

Thanks for the kind words Inked. I'll take you at your word. I had read those accusations before but mostly ignored them until this post. But like I said, I believe you. Coincidently, I did not know you write for Hill Rag. Is this a regular column you write? Do you go by your psydonum Inked, or another nome de plum?

inked said...

My byline is Elise Bernard. I've been writing the H Street Life column for several years. It appears each month.

Anonymous said...

I took an old friend to Driftwood a few weeks ago and it was awesome. Especially the brussel sprouts, lamb and bass. The decor was nice. The staff gave me a tour to show seating options to choose from. 5 plates shared and all timed well. They were not busy that night, but perhaps the kinks were worked out?

Tom said...

Inked, I went to Hill Rag this morning to find your articles. I entered your full name in the search field, but the most recent article that came up was from January. Where exactly are new your articles located? where are they archived?

inked said...

They have changed the website (they got a whole new one not long ago). I doubt you can find most of the older stuff, but the new stuff should be up there in one form or another. I just send in the articles. I see them in print, but they kind of do their own thing with the website. Maybe see if you can find some pdfs of whole issues. It's definitely in there each month.