Thursday, February 12, 2015

Residential Street Sweeping Returns March 2nd


Residential street sweeping season to continue through October 31.

(Washington, DC) The Department of Public Works announced today that residential mechanical street sweeping will resume Monday, March 2. Signs are posted that identify the days of the week and hours of the day when parking restrictions will be enforced so the sweepers can clean the streets effectively. The fine for violating this restriction is $45.

The program represents a true commitment by residents who have committed to move their vehicles when sweeping is underway. “To become part of the program, we require 80 percent of the residents to sign a petition pledging to honor the parking restrictions,” said DPW Director William O. Howland, Jr. “Their cooperation is what makes the program successful.”

Mr. Howland noted DPW established March 1 through October 31 in 2012 as residential street sweeping season and this information appears on the signs where the program is in effect.  He asked motorists to obey the times parking is restricted.  “A supervisor follows behind the sweeper and may require the block to be swept again, so don’t park until the end of the posted sweeping period,” he said.  Beginning March 2, parked cars also may be towed to allow the sweepers access to the curbside. Generally, parking is prohibited for two hours while sweeping is underway.

DPW street sweepers cover about 4,000 lane miles monthly, removing litter and pollutants by brushing them onto a conveyor system, which transports the material into a debris hopper. The sweeper also emits a fine spray of water to help control dust.  In addition to sweeping residential streets during spring, summer and fall, DPW also sweeps commercial streets overnight year-round (weather permitting), and parking restrictions also apply.

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Anonymous said...

Do not allow this to happen. Fight it with every ounce of life you have!

I lived in NY where most streets have alternate side parking on 2 days of the week. The fine income is a great motivator for the city to restrict parking and it is hell for the residents. Sweep your own property!
I don't have a car here myself.

Anonymous said...

We don't have this racket in my neighborhood, thank god. I don't want to mention it out of fear that DPW will want to move in and start collecting.

Anonymous said...

Can you get street sweeping stopped if 80 percent of the residents on your block sign a petition?

Anonymous said...

With restricted parking folks will park the car on Sunday and not be able to use it most of the week because they are at work and cant drive around looking for a spot

All the new apt complexes on H st will bring in new parkers on the street and those Bldgs will be able to raise the prices of parking spots in the lots because of the demand.

All the local lots will then raise their prices because of the demand for spots. In NY a parking spot costs as much as an apt and the lots charge 60 a day!

Peter Parker said...

This is a big scam to fine people. A number of times the sweeping truck doesn't even show up however, the parking enforcer is ready to write tickets at 930 sharp! In most cases the truck doesn't show up until 11 am anyway. So even if you are half hour late to move the car you still end up getting a ticket.

Anonymous said...

Pretty useless, since the sweeper doesn't really clean the street, and the litter ends up in the grass area between the road and sidewalk. Check out the north side of the 1300 and 1400 block of Maryland Ave NE. Even less effective in cleaning the alley.

Quin Trent said...

Well it is a good thing that there are still street sweepers cleaning up the roads of neighborhoods and other places, but I am not sure that they should be fining people for parking on the roads. Yes they do need to be cleaning the roads, but fining someone because they have to park on the road is a bit unfair. They should just inform people of the days that they are going to be doing the street sweeps and make sure that all the vehicles are out of the way before they start on a road. It will just be a lot better for everyone if they do it this way.