Friday, March 06, 2015

Before You Attend the 3/10 ANC 5D Meeting

There were some delays getting the video for the February 2nd ANC 5D meeting (and then more delays when I had the flu for over a week), so I figured it was best just to wait until closer to the March meeting to post this. The above is a video running nearly two hours. It cuts off before the presentations (the meeting ran very long at about 2.5 hours). You can listen to an audio recording of the entire meeting courtesy of Trinidad resident Nick Russo and his very cool project the Ward 5 Audio Archive. I also Storified the meeting (mostly just some tweets, but a little background as well). It's useful if you enjoy that sort of thing, or want to more fully understand the context/subtext.

Please remember to come to Tuesday's meeting (it's a GREAT agenda). 7-8:30pm at 1805 Bladensburg Road (bring photo id).


Anonymous said...

Island Dyes robbed at gunpoint:

Anonymous said...

I would encourage people no to attend these meetings. Residents should work to reform the ANC branch of government. I've had good and not so good commissioners. By and large the good ones did more than an ANC on paper should do. They were great community resources at getting the city to do what it was supposed to be doing all along. At there worst they are absent, and simply a name plate. I find it pointless. The idea seemed like a good one, but it needs reform.