Monday, March 09, 2015

Little Miss Whiskey's Presents: Lamb Roast & the Burning of the Bock 3/21

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A photo from Flickr user chatirygirl. Used under a Creative Common License.

Little Miss Whiskey's (1104 H Street) invites you to celebrate spring with a lamb roast and the ceremonial burning of the bock. Only 50 tickets are available ($48 each, no fees) and they include all you can eat, and all you can drink during the afternoon from the kegs (Eggenberg Urbock 23º (9.6%), Golden Carolus Classic (8.5%), Weihenstephaner Korbinian (7.4%), and Eggenberg Pilsner). Tickets also get you complementary viking helmets.

Chef Ryan Gordon from the Queen Vic (1206 H Street) will oversee the lamb roasting and provide the following:

La Caja style whole roasted lamb
Khara Masala Gosht (Indian mutton stew)
& slow roasted leg of lamb

Served with:
Warm Greek-style orzo salad
Potato, spinach, & bacon au gratin
Indian-spiced roasted vegetables

More info below (from the bar):

yes yes winter is a huge drag but SPRING IS COMING!!!!

back in the day, when monks saw the sign of Capricorn appear in the stars in late December it signified time to brew strong dark malt beer ("bock” / “doppelbock”) that would be ready while they fasted through Lent (“bock” means “goat”, & Capricorn is a goat-looking beasty).
so them monks spent 40 days on a booze-only diet in order to “suffer” for god... but they musta been tripping balls right? pretty savvy them monks...

anyways, Aries (the ram) shows up in the stars on the FIRST DAY OF SPRING as the sign of better times ahead, and we’ve decided to get it on with Aries and Capricorn SATURDAY, MARCH 21ST, with a WHOLE ROASTED LAMB and BURNING OF THE BOCK celebronanza! it’s gonna be all pagan like! VIKING HELMETS FOR EVERYONE (true story)!!!! RAMS, GOATS, HEATHEN MESSY FEASTY YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!

yep. we're gonna wear viking helmets and roast a whole lamb and a rack of other delicious eat-with-your-hands muttony joyousness. we’re also gonna take a red hot poker and stick it in some pitchers of bock so the sugars in the beer caramelize on the poker with a bunch of hissy steaming hocus pocus (that’s the burning the bock part, it’s a ritual thingy, you can toss a hex on summy right when we do that (or even more if you know about that stuff)).

or, if all this nonsense seems confusing, really what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna stand around all afternoon drinking awesome beer and chomping delicious red meat w/ our grubby mitts like proper civilized folks oughtta do in public every once in a goddamn while.
all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink from the 2 kegs of beer, $48, only 50 spots. free viking helmet included, you can bring your own and/or feel free to dress like monks & marauders or whatever

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