Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Little Miss Whiskey's Releases Crawfish Boil Schedule

Fresh Louisiana Crawfish
Photo from Flickr user thefoodgroup. Used under a Creative Commons License

Spring has sprung, and Little Miss Whiskey's (1104 H Street) is back to hosting their spring crawfish boils. Only fifty tickets are available for each boil and they go FAST. Details below.

-Six boils with one held every other week starting 3/28. Starts at 2 PM, goes "til we're done."
-Crawfish is flown up fresh (NEVER FROZEN) the morning of each boil.
-Tickets are $48 or $53 (all fees included) for all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink (keg beer only)
-All tickets are non-refundable, but you can give away, trade, or sell your tickets. The tavern even provides a board to facilitate the exchange.

Choose your date and grab your tickets:

March 28th, DC BRAU
April 11th, LAGUNITAS
May 23rd, FLYING DOG

More details (from the bar):

in order to do things proper, we can only offer 50 spots for each party and this invite goes to a short email list. y'all are welcome to extend invites to your friends, just don't ask us to hold spots and don't buy 'em up and then expect us to buy 'em back cause THERE'S NO REFUNDS. we created a Hootboard page where y’all can exchange between yourselves if needed, go here and join up if you gotta predicament: http://www.hootboard.com/community/Crawfish_at_LMW/154938/154938
there's 6 boils, each of which is paired with a different microbrewery. we get two different half-kegs (total volume) for each event and reps/owners from the breweries will be on hand for their respective dates and man oh man do we got some killer beers lined up this year
crawfish is flown up fresh (NEVER FROZEN) the morning of each boil, and Peter and Mark is the boilhounds this year (if you wanna lead a boil just lemme know, it's a great look in your book of selfies).
otherwise expect to stand around casual messy-feasting-not-drunk-still-drinking just like whatever you amember last time you been at a boil.

March 28th, DC BRAU: $48: our good chums is holding a half-keg of the "world class”-rated double IPA On the Wings of Armageddon (9.2%) for us but don't be afeared folks, we always serve up an easy drinker and this year it's the brand new BRAU PILS.
this party is personal for us and DC Brau: the very first time anyone ever consumed beer brewed out of their brewery was at our very first crawfish boil back on 3/18/11; we got some 5 year anniversary fais do-do'in to do

April 11th, LAGUNITAS: $48: first boil to sell out last year, third year in a row for the deadly delicious combo of Brown Shugga (9.99%) and the quick-quaffing PILS. it’s a proven winner, we ain’t messin with it (not so dumb as we look is we nope)

April 25th, EVOLUTION BREWING: $48: first time! fresh beer from awesome folks right down the road in Salisbury, MD. their Lot No. 6 (8.5%) is a bona fide gem of a big bad IPA and we’ll pair it w/ the gentle PRIMAL PALE ALE

May 9th, WETTEN IMPORTERS (4 BEERS): $53: this party sold out right quick the last 2 years & convinced me there’s a bunch of y’all what care about the beer, can't argue w/ Delerium Tremens (8.5%), Eggenberg Urbock 23º (9.6%), Straffe Hendrik Tripel (9%), & EGGENBERG PILSENER (still only available in DC & VA)

May 23rd, FLYING DOG (3 BEERS): $53: another first-time pairing and we're headed up to the brewery to make specialty beers just for this event holy moly!!!! we're serving up The Truth (8.7%) aged 30 days w/ mango & tangerine zest, along w/ Double Dog (11.5%) aged 30 days w/ sweetened ginger, habanero, & pineapple, and the much softer PALE ALE to keep your tastebuds from exploding out of your face

June 6th, DOGFISH HEAD (4 BEERS): $53: our first-time pairing w/ this Delaware krewe, AND WE’VE GOT THE LEGENDARY 120 MINUTE IPA (18.5%) ORDERED UP!!! we'll also have the 60 Minute IPA (6%), the 90 Minute IPA (9%) & the lovely Belgian wit-style NAMASTE for your drinking pleasures


Anonymous said...

Any idea where they get their crawfish? Hoping it is from the Gulf Coast!

alizadk said...

So sad that the two I really want to go to, I won't be able to attend. =(

Will keep my eye on this for next year, though.